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Cheerleader Tryout Continuity Error

Episode submitted by Anonymous51 on Fri Jun 17 03:44:04 2011
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Why does it have to matter that they were going to the mall?

I can't believe I actually have to explain this.

It's part of the story. You can't just write something that completely contradicts previous parts of the story and then not explain why it's happening.

As stated in the first "Cheerleader Tryout" episode:

Jon had no interest in cheer tryouts, so he didn't attend. Instead, after school was over, he headed to the mall with Karyn, where they hung out at the arcade, checked out the book store and ate at the food court.

The point is, Jon and Karyn are not supposed to be present during the tryouts. If you go out of your way to say that they are, then you have to write a reason for why they left the mall and headed back. Otherwise, the reader will be confused, since it's a contradiction.

Bottom line is unless they being at the mall is of some major plot importance to a story you were planning on telling but have yet to get to, in which case of course i say go for it, i enjoy your writing often, leave it alone and let the story be.

It has nothing to do with some plot line at the mall. As I said, it has to do with the fact (fact) that Jon and Karyn are not there at the tryout. There is no story there at the mall. I was giving a reason as to why Jon and Karyn weren't present when the tryout was happening.

I just don't like that such a blatant (although probably accidental) continuity error was written into the story and then was just ignored (except by me, that is). That's just bad writing.

i could fight you on this, but i want to just tell my story

continuity error

Second "Cheer!" Storyline

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