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Thanks NothingSP.

Episode submitted by Greeman on Sun Jun 26 20:01:20 2011
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Hey man, I jsut wanted to say you've done an AMAZING job with Hawkins. It seems like you've really gotten into his head and how he acts.

Like thsi bit right here:

Hawkins smiled. "I may seem detached to you, Ms. Walsh, but remember that that means there's something there to be detached from. It's a happy turn of events when doing my job dovetails so nicely with doing something I believe will help people individually."

That's almost EXACTLY how I envision Hawkins!

And just recently, when you had him go incognito in the mental ward, I was planning for him to do that exact thing for the same reason!

I'm sorry I've not contributed lately, I get caught up in a lot of things. I hope to get back to this as soon as possible, but I feel a lot better knowing you have a grasp of what the character is.

So if you feel like moving the plot ahead and I'm taking too long, I give you total permission to use him.

Aww, thanks :)

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