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Hey hey hey whoa!

Episode submitted by Greeman on Sun Aug 7 21:20:21 2011
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(Could have sworn I made this post earlier, something must have glitched out)

I just saw the latest ID post and I'm a little offset. I really don't think Cecilia would A: tos Hiro to the ground like that after he's clearly seen trying to surrender and B: do a full-on assault hack on him. That in particular feels really extreme and out of character for her.

I'm sorry I haven't established this fully, but she is not a violent, gung-ho action kind of person. She'd just want to make the guy who evaded her squirm and force a straight answer out of him, not attack him persť. She's not even really used to field work, what with mainly being a computer expert and such. And if you've gathered from how she spends her time and acts, she hasn't been selected for her professional demeanor or ruthlessness.

I'm not trying to make a fight about this, but I just feel like this doesn't fit with the character.


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