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meet the neighbors

Episode submitted by Weirdoid on Sun Aug 21 06:01:39 2011
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Ever get an idea that ends up too much work and way too ambitious? That happened with me. I had an idea for "meet the neighbors", a story focusing on a handful lesser known neighbors who have appeared in the stories over the years and were not classmates. (most of Jon's classmates have been neighbors at one time or another). I searched for neighbor in the search function, ignoring classmates and neighborhood, and got a huge list. (I also specificly looked up a few I remembered). I was exhausted about a quarter way through it and when I had to restart my comp, losing my place on it, I gave up. But here is the list I saved of some of Jon's neighbors and the links to where they appeared. It is far from complete. (only got a quarter way through all the stories found in search and i remember others who did not make it like a scientist). But here it is in case you need a quick reference.

Doug and Steve: Gay neighbors. Steve is the top

Mrs, Robinson: has five kids all under age five. Dislikes testosterone driven teenage boys.

Victoria: Victoria was blonde, with bright full lips, and long legs. She was 23 and she attended the local Arts & Design school at the end of town. Drives a volkswagon. Wears concealing painters overalls.

Mrs. Richardson: Elderly lady.

RUSSOS: John Russo: tall muscular. Barbecues, has a boop.
Linda Russo: Petite, Blonde, busty, smokes

the Roberts: they have a big oak tree

sexy neighbor who always flirts with his dad

Karyn Wright: Karen Wright and she was a 58-year old woman.

Mrs. Dickenson: random neighbor shocked by Karyns rudeness

Anne and Mary: Lesbiens. Anne:Anne was an attratctively tomboyish woman, with a short, yet feminine, brown hair and perky b-cup breasts.
Mary: more feminine, with long blonde hair and dd-cup breasts.



Billy Peterson: Foul mouthed snot nosed Brat

Charlie and Jill: Charlie is a construction worker, Jill is his pregnant wife.

Mr. William Blank and his wife, Jessica, Their kids are Jenny and Billy. Erin babysits them. William is into bondage.


mrs. Wilson: more info possible if I read it

Ricky: mikeys friend

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