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circle of friends

Episode submitted by Weirdoid on Mon Aug 22 10:14:12 2011
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Back before my tastes changed too much for BEaddventures highly feminine (BE basis) TF style I used to love the fun Jim, Rick, Sharon, and Candace had.

I was recently reminded of the fun of changing a circle of friends in a CYOC magic flashlight story where a guy hanging with girls changed them.

I realized this is one thing Fictionbranches is missing. Jon has Karyn and.... well.... their were a few others like Chad, Pete, and I think maybe a Joseph but they never became canon. For some reason Jon is more likely to have antagonistic relations with classmates than friends.

Why is this?

Though both have a place and can be enjoyable I often enjoy the "having fun with friends" (not always with their knowledge/permission) feel more. How come with all the random characters who became semi canon over the years, that Jon never developed a real circle of friends?

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