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The Box of Rings -or- He may actually continue a storyline he jumps into

Episode submitted by cook on Fri Aug 26 15:21:12 2011
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So here's my thing with writing: When I get an idea and add to something or start something I generally just have the idea and don't really know where I want to go with it. That combined with it taking me a long time to write (it never just pours out of me) and life being really busy at times adds up to leaving things unfinished.

I'd like to try to change that with this storyline, and I welcome feedback and collaboration if anyone's interested. I have a few longish term ideas for the rings: specifically that the box Jon took them out of was itself magic, and contained the power of the rings. Now that they are all out of the box for at least the school day their power is growing (like in my latest addition when the orange ring (naivety) made the suggestions Jon used stick after taking off the ring. As time goes on they may affect whole rooms more quickly (if Jon gets distracted) or leave permanent changes without him meaning to.

Then there's the other magic items that he left laying around his room. He was holding the Wishing Rock when he wished himself to school, so I'm going with the notion that he still has that on him. However everything else was back there without protection. His mom could walk in and find something, or Zoe staying home faking sick, or a burgler.

I'm not 100% sure what to do with the last two rings: Green (Snobbish) and purple (Obsessed). I'm sure there are situations where it could be useful to make someone act snobbish, but I can't think of them. And would the Obsessed person be obsessed with him, with someone else, with something else.

So yeah, basically I do want to go somewhere with this.

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