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Hey, sorry for the disappearing act.

Episode submitted by Greeman on Mon Aug 29 21:07:30 2011
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Sorry guys.

A combination of school starting back up and some weird meteorological concept known as a "hurricane" has pretty much kept me away from FB for a good while.

Heh, I raised such a fuss about not being able to develop my ideas, and then when I lose the chance to anyway. Well, I'll prolly be out of comission for a while, Internet might be back for now, but school is a time eater like nobody's business.
I haven't even seen where the story has gone yet.

But, this isn't TOO heavy of a semester so far, so I out it to you guys. DO you guys think I have any talent at this, or ideas worth fleshing out? If you guys say it's worth it, I might go back into the fray.

Ah, that makes sense...

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