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Me again.

Episode submitted by Greeman on Mon Sep 19 22:51:09 2011
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So hey, it's me, the Gree. So yeah, I've been away from FB for a while, (still need to get caught up and stuff). I've been feeling a bit of a writing bug lately, and from the teenie smidge I've seen of this whole Demon-conflict thing, it looks pretty interesting.

I guess I just got really burnt out after that whole alien-world fiasco. At first I felt blind-sided by it because I was seriously planning for my characters to be doing other stuff at the time, and then when I tired to get into the groove of it (I actually had some big ideas about the aliens and stuff), school and hurricanes happened,and the arc basically resolved with Hawkins and company accomplishing... nothing much really.

That and the arc just seemed kind of weirdly paced and hard to follow.

Argh, sorry for my bitching. Just wanted to get some gripes off my chest.


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