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Episode submitted by Anonymous51 on Fri Sep 30 03:03:08 2011
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Of course anyone can write what they want, as long as it follows the continuity of previous episodes, but I intended the "Laundromat" story to be somewhat like a mix between "Shirts" and "The Pool" in that people appear in one place and choose from an assortment of clothing. But I also wanted it to be different. So, unlike "The Pool", the people aren't confined to one place, and unlike "Shirts", the clothing is just clothing, not shirts with messages on them. I also intended it to be different than stories like "The Bench", "Shirts", "Musical Closets" and such, in that I didn't want the people waking up in the laundromat and donning new clothes to eventually have new memories with their new bodies. I wanted everyone else to have new memories, but Jon and all the other people who don new clothes at the laundromat would retain the memories they had since finding themselves naked at the laundromat. Perhaps they would take on new personalities, but I wanted them to keep their memories so that they could deal with their new lives. Like a learning experience.

But again, this is only what I intended. There's no rule that says you have to take my intentions to heart, unless it's been stated in the story. I just wanted to make this one unique, compared to the other stories. I didn't want it to turn into a "Bench 2".


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