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Suggestion: The Bench

Episode submitted by Cork on Wed Oct 19 06:41:32 2011
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First of all, thanks to all of you for creating such a well-written story. I'd name you all specifically, but I'm sure I'll miss one person and greatly insult them. Just everyone who's been contributing to The Bench: you've been doing an amazing job.

That said...

Can you guys maybe try to find a way to jump around less? I find that as soon as one story starts to get some development, the next page I click is a continuation of a story I'd almost forgot about. Which in and of itself isn't a problem, but I feel like each section is too short.

Maybe you guys want to take advantage of branching more... think of the whole branch as one continuity, but treat it like a "choose your own adventure," so that if someone wants to read about what's happening in the school they go down one branch, and if they want to know what's happening to Kendall they go down another, etc.

Or there's a chance that's something insanely difficult to coordinate between so many authors, or not something that works in practice anyway. But I felt the suggestion, at least, had to be made.

Again, all of you are doing an amazing job :)


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