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Barb Harris

Episode submitted by The_Guest on Sat Oct 22 02:23:55 2011
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I decided to launch a new branch which will have no transformations, as a bit of a change.

Basically, Jon's wish has catapulted him into a possible future, where he is an adult(yet physically everyone looks the same) and it is still the present.

I've tried the idea before, from different perspectives, but have never gotten far with it.

I wanted to let a character explore what their life might be like in a possible future. So, in Jon's possible future, he's married to someone he barely knew before, but will have to discover.

And, if I ever get there, the story may culminate in things returning to normal, but leaving Jon with this experience.

Not sure if I would ever finish it, or how far I'll get, but I'd like to try something new and would appreciate any feedback.

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