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Hikaru Re: Wish Against Wish

Episode submitted by Deformo on Sun Nov 6 14:18:49 2011
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Hikaru, I am always immensely excited whenever I see one of your additions to a thread I am working on. Really, I ecstatic whenever anyone contributes, as I have been enjoying brainstorming ideas for some of the new threads Anonymous51 branched off the main DeMorrell storyline a while back, but you have often given me fodder to work with and I like the logic you employ for wishes.

That said, there is one boo boo in the newest episode. In an earlier episode, The Capricious Cruelty of the Stone, Nora mentions she can't touch the stone ever again, but in Wish Against Wish she picks it up and makes wishes.

My thinking on this was I have read other threads where Grandpa kind of saves the day by coming in and untangling other people's stupid (or even downright evil) wishes. I enjoyed those stories, but wanted this one to be different. By making it so she can never touch the stone I have effectively put Jack/Nora into an advisory only role. She can suggest helpful ideas/wishes, but it is currently up to Jon/Jonni and Linda/Liam to save the day.

I don't have a problem with any of the fixes presented in that particular episode (I liked how you used the brain swap device to fix Jon's dad, but had Jack/Nora comment on the shadier morality of using it to fix Linda/Liam), but Jack/Nora is going ot have to suggest them and let the other two decide if they will do it or not.

I was going to use the bulk of your episode to post a "corrected" episode, but didn't know if you would rather do it yourself. That and I already have an alternate episode in mind branching from the Liam jumping up part.


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