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the question has potential. glad others are dying down

Episode submitted by Weirdoid on Wed Nov 23 22:16:41 2011
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I am debating posting on the question story as it has alot of flexibility and potential. You could literally ask ANYTHING and it could be true.

I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I am a bit glad the other big storys are slowly winding down. Three slow transformation arcs running, with full TG, and more often then not default hetero pairings (even guys with slut shirts no matter what they were like fought off urges until their body changed) at once seemed like overkill. Basicly the same story with a pool, bench or laundromat/party (I didn't pay attention enough to see how it changes focus) setting. (though the pool became slightly different when ascending and offspring were added later on). I tried taking the pool in another direction in a different branch only to see a reply trying to herd it back to the normal direction so I gave up on it. seeing three massive stories posted with way too much similarity between them and not too much possibility for diversity filling the new post list was starting to grate on me a bit.

Almost Exactly Like the New Truth Story

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