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To teerack, and also Burke Rakers ...

Episode submitted by Anonymous51 on Thu Dec 29 01:34:38 2011
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I just wanted to point out that Jon doesn't exist in the story that you added onto. He was erased from existence by The Omission Stone. You should really pay attention to what happens to the story that you intend on adding to ... unless you intend on giving an explanation as to how Jon could be back (if so, forget what I just said).

And speaking of continuity errors, Burke Rakers states in his episode prior to yours that Zoe has a little brother named Mikey, yet he too had been erased by The Omission Stone.

The only members of the Gibson family that are supposed to exist in the reality where Zoe inherits the stone are Zoe and her mother.

I'm usually not too picky, but these are fairly large and blatant continuity errors.

I just wrote a fix

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