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Timed wishes and reality

Episode submitted by Weirdoid on Thu Dec 29 17:25:53 2011
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What happens to reality when a timed wish wears off? Sure everyone assumes Jon and Karyn will be alone when reality resets and the last week will be remembered as any normal and uneventful week but what if they are in an awkward scenario due to their wish?

What if Jon became a woman and a man was making love to him and as he orgasms reality sets in with Jon as a guy. Does an event get added into the previous week explaining why an otherwise strait guy is now having the orgasm of his luife with a man?

What if the wish gave Jon breasts and his mom is helping him put on a bra when reality snaps back and the breasts disappear? Does reality now have to add an excuse as to why normal breastless Jon is going to wear a bra?

Sure one could always say they teleport back to where they should be and forget it all. Or are in an awkward situation with no memories of how they get their. I admit those are safer ideas but forcing explanations back into the normal world sounds more fun.

Has anyone ever dealt with this in a timed wish story before?


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