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To no_one ...

Episode submitted by Anonymous51 on Tue Jan 3 01:09:50 2012
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This is mainly for the author "no one", but it could be for anyone really.

I've noticed that for the latest episodes you've posted, you've mixed up the Link Description and the Title.

For example, the first episode you posted recently was labeled as "Dream" and the episode link description was labeled as "Magic Wand: Dream", but they should be the other way around. The whole point (in this case) of having "Magic Wand" in the title is so that you can just do a search for the phrase "magic wand", and all the Magic Wand stories will show up in your search. If you only have the phrase "magic wand" in the link description, then it won't show up in a search.

Plus, there's no reason to have the name of the overall story in the link description, because you already know what overall story you're reading.

To Anonymous51

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