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Tiny Concern

Episode submitted by chompy on Tue Jan 3 19:57:15 2012
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Just a small concern (please don't take this the wrong way)

I'm getting concerned again that Cass is becoming too powerful a character. She effectively is in control of the story as that is her 'power'. Near as I can tell, there is no weakness other then the gods themselves being immune to influence but it probably wouldn't matter to mortals.

I just hope to be mindful of that. Nothing objectionable has happened to me, I just say it as a note of caution.

As an interesting parallel, this is very similar to the greek stories of the fates. What I very vaguely recall, the fates did more then just control the story of mortals, they controlled the gods too. I vaguely recall a story where it was forbidden by the gods to interfere with their weaving, though I could be mistaken. (I'll have to look it up)

Oh, I got an idea

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