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Iridescent Sun: character sheets

Episode submitted by chompy on Tue Jan 3 22:55:06 2012
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I thought I'd try writing a few notes on the characters in the hopes it might help us write about them.

- - -

Name: Jon Madison
age: 16
Parents: Mr & Mrs Madison.
Original form: Male Human
Changed form: Slug girl

Power: Keeper of the stone that caused the wish for something 'interesting' to happen. Is now in line for the title of Merlin for the new world. Keeper of the Book of Merlin, and history of the past ages of Earth.

Weakness: The stone has been spent due to the circumstances of the wish. An aura of 'interesting things' is around her, which means the more curious transformations would probably happen around her.

Personality: is extremely guilt ridden for changing the world though has been optimistic upon realising these things have happened in the past before. Easily makes friends and tends to stick up for them. Cares for her siblings especially Mikey. Is very good friends with Kayrn. Fairly clever though does not call attention to it, especially in disarming conflict.

Unusual quirks/instincts: As a slug girl tends to leave a trail of mucus where she goes. Has an attraction to eating grass (though resists it). Is the only one of the few that knows the current world might be a temporary situation.

- - -

Name: Karyn

age: 16
Parents: Not established much but lives with them.
Original Form: Female Human
Changed form: Ceceilia girl.

Power: Very good at moving in water. Land is a little trickier without a wheel chair, though not impossible.

Weakness: Can dehydrate if away from water for long periods.

Personality: The counter and rock to Jon. She steers her new friend in the world and maintains objectivity. The loss of legs has not impacted on her as significantly as she has gained a new world to explore.

Unusual quirks/instinct: Being Jon's friend from school, she knows Jon well. She is one of the few that know of the stone and the burden her friend carries. She just wants them to take every day one at a time and thinks her friend should cut lose a little more.

- - -

name: Tiffany
age: 16
Parents: Mr & Mrs Saunders (divorced)
Original form: Female human.
Changed form: Unknown shadow creature of fear
Second changed form: Unknown horned girl with light.

Power: On her first form, a fear aura capable of incapacitating most people. An ability to project self image onto ones own body, thus becoming what one thinks they wish to be. The result was a caricature of beauty, not quite as pleasing as she imagined. It is not known how this form came to be.

After this form was banished, a second form was taken. She has a horn now and unusual body art. A garment was provided that bathed itself in her own light. Normal clothing tended to make her feel hot and the light in her itch. It's not pleasant but not painful.

Weakness: She is her own worst enemy.

Personality: Extremely firey. A desire to make sure nobody messes with her. She has great control over crowds and is hard to 'not' listen to. People often have strong opinions on her. Either the like her or hate her with a passon. There are few in the middle of those she has crossed. Has had to go to councilling following her second transformation. There is some suspiscion on her being able to change twice. It is practically unheard of.

Unusual quirks: She is Tiffany.

- - -

Name: Mikey.
Age: 12
Parents Mr & Mrs Madison.
Original form: human male
Changed form: Gynoid

Power: As an artificial being Mikey has gained a lot of robotic skills. Can do almost any math problem without realising how she has done it. This includes planing short routes or any other numerical task. Is extremly robust and can possibly recover from significant damage (though not yet established). Phsyical strength might be higher then normal. Has the ability to connect to the internet and host digital fairies. Two at the moment reside within her, the Windows ME fairy Effie and the Dos Fairy Dennis.

Weakness: It is theorised that greater offline time is required to repair major issues. Stronger use of cybernetic abilities could reduce imaginative thinking. It is not known of she will grow up or age, nor if she can procreate and how that might be accomplished with biological entities.

Personality: at a tender age Mikey is still discovering who she is. The change in gender has not really affected her in that. Willing to be helpful to people, she comes across as very selfless despite her short comings as a child. Most keep her out of harms way despite her skills. Her connections to the internet can not be easily described to those unable to experience it.

Unusual Quirks: Consciousness is either on or off.
- - -

Name: Zoe
age: 14
Parents: Mr & Mrs Madison
Original form: Female human
Changed form: Slime mould.

Power: Can shift and change her form with ease. The skin is robust and durable enough to form almost any shape, though she retains the same mass. Almost any injury and illness will be repaired during a fruiting life cycle.

Weaknesses: Each month has to go through a spore stage. Though any dead wood can do, she prefers the out doors. Another issue is that while at a young stage her mind is very susceptible as it slowly wakens.

Personality: A goth girl and a moody one. Short tempered, snarky, yet somehow doesn't quite spill into the same angst that Tiffany portrays. She doesn't show to have a care in the world, though the truth is she does care a lot about her family. Most assume the goth thing is just a stage she is going through. She is actually very happy with her change actually volunteering herself into the light showing a very impulsive nature.

Unusual quirks: can absorb things hitting her and digest them.

- - -

Name: Harry
age: 14
Parents: lives with them.
Original form: Human boy
Changed form: Three eyed girl of oriental decent.

Power: A third eye able to perceive 'truth'.

Weakness: The power is very imprecise at times. It will show things a little abstractly at times unless they are very important. Seems to be linked to the monthly cycle and is 'stronger' at certain stages then at other times.

Personality: extraordinarily shy as a boy, and even shyer as a girl. She has since come out of her shell a little and has made a lot of new friends. In particular she forged a strong link with Brittany, a girl whom she discovered her true nature. She has also formed a friendship with Ken, a fox-boy and many other in a band. She plays a flute with them. She is coming to terms with the fact that she doesn't even look like her parents or family any more, having had a change in ethnicity as well as gender. Her parents on the other hand, love to provide her with new clothing. (of which she has mixed feelings about)

Unusual quirks: Seems to have a nice singing voice, and speaks in a weird voice when she did it once.

- - -

Iridescent Sun: Char Sheet II

Nice :)

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