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Episode submitted by nothingsp on Wed Jan 18 07:53:01 2012
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A couple of things:

- First, while Mrs. Crawford doesn't have any way of knowing this yet (as she didn't seem to get much of the story out of Tiffany's dad,) Mrs. Summers wasn't treating Tiffany's corruption as a "threat" in a general sense. Rather, she was trying to avoid the problem until Mr. Saunders came to her about it, out of fear of being unable to control herself and harming Tiffany by it. Somehow, from Mr. Saunders's call (probably in the context of the incidents at school,) she gathered that Tiffany was taking a turn for the worse, and intervened only because she thought that Tiffany herself might be in danger. Just for the record.

- Also, I'm kind of curious how Mrs. Crawford thinks she could have prevented this?


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