Metamor Keep Artwork

Charles Matthias by Abe Groter Charles Matthias and Misha Brightleaf by Roy Pounds Snips N Snails cast by Desiree Kern

"Charles Matthias"

By Abe Groter

This is the first picture ever of a Metamor Keep character. It features my avatar character in a simple pose.

"A Small Repair"

By Roy Pounds

This depicts a scene from Christian O'Kane's story of the same name. In it, Misha Brightleaf repairs a small music box that Charles has just purchased for his lady.

"Snips and Snails"

By Desiree Kern

This picture was drawn for O'Kane's first story featuring Madog. It depicts the case of that story (clockwise from the left), Rickkter, Charles, Fox Cutter, Jon Sleeper, Misha, and Madog.

Sir Yacoub Egland and his Squire Intoran by Iam Williams Duke Thomas and Dame Alberta Artelanoth by Terrifel Zhypar Habakkuk and Ambassador Yonson by DarkWolfie

"Lots I"

By Ian Williams

This picture depicts Sir Yacoub Egland embracing his squire Intoran. This takes place at the conclusion to the story “Lots”.

"Lots II"

By Terrifel

Here is another scene from “Lots”. This one has Duke Thomas Hassan looking over the transforming body of Dame Alberta Bryonoth.


By DarkWolfie

This picture depicts a scene from my story “Libraries”. Here Ambassador Yonson discusses his fondness for cherries while Zhypar Habakkuk ponders the vintage of his wine.

Baerle confeses to Kimberly that she is in love with Charles by DarkWolfie Rickkter, Misha, and George face off against Zagrosek

"Natures Denied"

By Darkwolfie

In this tale we witness Baerle finally confessing to Kimberly that she is in love with Charles, despite her attempts otherwise.

"Never Again a Man"

By Darkwolfie

A scene from my award winning story, Rickkter, Misha Brightleaf, and George prepare to do battle with the villanous Krenek Zagrosek!

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