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Metamor Keep is a really neat Universe created by my friend Copernicus. However, it is now under Christian Okane's dutiful paws. Metamor Keep is the name of a Castle and its surrounding environs which had a spell cast on it nearly eight years ago. The spell causes the metamorphosis of anybody who spends more than a week within the grounds into either a morphic animal, a toddler, or a human of the opposite gender.

Here are the seventy-eight stories in this Universe that have seen the touch of my quill pen. I have divided them up into the four cycles so far, because they each focus on different events, though each cycle follows chronologically. There is a synopsis now available of three of the completed cycles and the related stories. Synopses for the fourth cycle is forthcoming.

I also provide resources for those who wish to write in Metamor Keep. First, you should read the guidelines for writing in Metamor Keep. Then, I recommend going over the pantheon and calendar. That will give you a good idea for the atmosphere of the stories. Thanks to the efforts of Christian Okane we also have available a layout of the Keep itself and a list of some of the creatures and monsters that inhabit the nearby land. And now I have a page set aside for some of the artwork that artists have done for Metamor Keep.

Also, I have revamped the character listing page that has for too long languished unupdated. I have divided the characters by geography and affiliation to hopefully make it more accessible and friendly to both readers and writers alike. I have left the old pages active for now as well. You can find the full list here and also the separate lists 1 and 2.

And here are the three major maps for Metamor Keep created by Christian Okane, Winc, and Raven Blackmane respectively. The first is of the valley that the curse affects. The second is of the immediate countryside surrounding the Keep. And the last is the very continent that Metamor lies upon itself! As anybody can see, Metamor Keep is more than just a castle, it is a whole world waiting to be discovered.

My Stories

Stories Written with Others

First Cycle

Second Cycle

First Cycle Collaborations

Writer's Guild Admissions and Applications The Secrets in Truth with Fox Cutter
The Fight That Never Happened Arduous Tasks

Second Cycle Collaborations

Support Group Attacking Cossack Keeping the Lamp Lit with Phil Geusz
Facing Knight Awake

Third Cycle Collaborations

Evening Stroll Battling a Tree Stepping up to Destiny with Christian O'Kane
Especially Disappointed Best Friend's Burden The Three Sides of Truth with Chris Hoesktra
Escaping Bonds

Fourth Cycle Collaborations

Escalation Busy Schedule Winter Assault by the Metamor Keep writers
Errands and Editors Casting Matters of Faith with Ryx
Equinox Arriveth Clothing Never by its Cover with Ryx
Entertaining Thoughts of Eucharist Conquering a Dead Man
Effects of Rising Too Early Dancing with Shadows
Eating at the Duke's Table Decisions
Easter Endeth Declarations of Allegiance
Early to Sleep Delights and Diversions

Third Cycle

Fourth Cycle

False Winds Yesulam's Call
Fingers in the Weave Wagging Tongues Will
Fireside Under a Blessing of Ashes
Hunt Tethered
Intercessor Sisters
Intersecting Correspondence Sharing
Jormugand Rousing Dreams
Killing Time Rites
Lawbreakers Rein's Reign
Legacies Questioning
Libraries Parlay
Liturgy of Blood Parading
Longing Out From Metamor
Nuptials Of Signs and Secrets
Relic Odd Jobs
Wandering the Keep Night Amongst Whispers
Winter's First Chill Never Again a Man
Natures Denied
Marital Bliss
Looking South
Lineaments of Coming Night

Metamor Links


There is now an Archive for Metamor Keep. A lot of the back stories unavailable elsewhere are here.

Deranged Kitsune and Christian Okane have posted their stories here. I highly recommend reading them, for both these two vulpines are highly dedicated to Metamor!

One of the more recent additions to the MK Universe is Bill Keiffer, who has definitely made his impact felt!

Another good site for Metamor Keep is at Oren's Pond. He has introduced some very ingenious characters.

Here is Jon Sleeper's story page which has Metamor Keep stories as well (though they are near the bottom of the page).

This is Kristy's Metamor Stories. I recommend Reading "Confession" by Mrs. Davis before reading my fifth story, otherwise some of it won't make any sense.

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