Metamor Keep Characters


In alphabetical order

Argentarge, Daniel

Species: Corsac Fox

Creator: John Burman

Twice orphined by lutins, losing his parents at the battle of the Three Gates and his first adoptive father to patrol duty, Daniel now works as an apprentice for Gordon Argentarge.

Argentarge, Gordon

Species: Large Spotted Genet

Creator: John Burman

Gordon is the Keep's master smith. Hailing from the lands east of the Vysehrad Mountains (known as the Great Eastern Mountains to most), Gordon came to the Keep by his own choice to find work. Trecking across the continent, he arrived much too late to have anything to do with the winter assault and began to lend a hand in the rebuilding of the Keep. Adopting Daniel as his apprentice and son, Gordon now tries to balance the foriegn world of fatherhood with his work.


Species: Tomcat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Brennar lived on a nearby farm when the curses struck. A year ago he was taken on as Gregor's apprentice. Though he can only eat a few of the delicacies that he is learning to make, he nevertheless loves to bake tasty breads and pastries.


Species: Capybara

Creator: Charles Matthias

The Keep baker. Hired by the Duke after the old baker died. He came willingly to the Keep and was very well paid. He is an ardent Lothanasi, and is one of the few lay people allowed to lead prayer groups in the temple.

Hardy, Will

Species: Badger

Creator: Christian O'Kane

This badger morph is The Duke's official jeweler. Now sixty years old he arrived at Metamor Keep twenty five years ago. Considered to be one of the finest jewelers, his products command a high price. He is in business with Misha Brightleaf producing clocks. Misha makes the innards and Will produces the cases. His daughter, Caroline, is a Long Scout.

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