Metamor Keep Characters

Hassan Household

In alphabetical order

Artelanoth, Alberta

Species: Female Assingh

Creator: Charles Matthias

Formerly Sir Albert Bryonoth, he was one of the knights accompanying Patriarch Akabaieth on his ill-fated journey to Metamor Keep. Bryonoth was kidnapped by Zagrosek, only to return during the winter assault. He kidnapped Duke Thomas, attempting to force Thomas to be a simple horse. He was captured, and as penance, served in the Ducal stables. The curse struck him first by turning him into a woman, at which point she assumed the name Alberta. Thomas sought out Alberta in order to pretend to be her horse. Under Zagrosek's influence, Alberta poisoned Thomas's mind until he wanted to be nothing but a horse. The plot was uncovered, and Alberta was freed from Zagrosek's influence. But not without a price. Alberta lost that last shred of her masculinity, and now thought of herself as purely female. The curse struck again, turning her into an Assingh, a Flatlands donkey. Once again she changed her name, this time to Alberta Artelanoth. Thomas has begun to court her, and she has been receptive to his advances.


Species: Fruit Bat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Andwyn succeeded Phil as head of the Keep's Intelligence. Even before the Battle of Three Gates, Andwyn was one of the Keep's better spies. After he was turned into a fruit bat, he took espionage to a new level, and was partly responsible for some of the animal spies that the Keep has used ever since. His elevation to Intelligence Chief has not altered his basic approach, but it has given him the opportunity to do so unhindered by Phil's unwillingness to do certain things. Any advantage that Andwyn can gain, he will.

Erthshade, Devon

Species: Coyote

Creator: Devon Erthshade

Devon is a whimsical bloke who enjoys playing tricks on many of the Keepers, especially the newcomers. Being the court jester, he makes it his duty to lighten everybody's mood, except the person he is playing the joke on.

Hassan, Malisa

Species: Female Human

Creator: M. S. Reeve-Powell

Semi-adopted daughter of Thomas. Orphaned in a lutin attack but too young then to really remember much of it. Grew to adulthood under the tutelage of Thomas, became a powerful wizard and fought in the battle of Three Gates. Transformed from Matthew to Malisa. Nickname is Mal. Now acts in Thomas's stead when he is busy. Was appointed the new Prime Minister shortly after Posti's death.

Hassan, Thomas

Species: Horse

Creator: Thomas Hassan

Duke Thomas Hassan V rules Metamor Keep from both the central courtrooms and chambers of the inner castle, but aslo out on the streets as he talks with the people of the Keep. He does this on a regular basis, not every day of course, but often enough that most at the Keep know him by more than just his title. He has many assistants that shadow his movements, most notably the his adoptive daughter Malisa (now the Prime Minister) and Steward Thalberg. After nearly succumbing to the power of a halter that sought to make him a horse in mind and body, he has begun to romantically court Alberta Artelanoth, the very woman who was used to ensorcel him.


Species: Ibis

Creator: Charles Matthias

Malqure is the chief Archivist, Historian, and gerenal know-it-all when it comes to the artifacts found amongst the many and varied halls of the Keep. He and his staff are employeed to maintain the Keep and all the treasures within it. Malqure directly reports to Duke Thomas on a monthly basis, though the ibis is largely left out of the politics of leading the Valley.

Posti Decesased

Species: Horse

Creator: Bob Stein

Posti was the Prime Minister of Metamor Keep. Unlike Thalberg, Posti had no actual powers within the Keep. However, in external affairs, his word was the law, unless countermanded by Duke Thomas. He tended to shadow the Duke, and while respected by most, he prefered to work behind the scenes to keep the Keep at full strength. Already quite old, Posti died in CR706 under strange circumstances. His student, a mouse named Kindle, is his only heir.


Species: Alligator

Creator: Charles Matthias

Thalberg is the Steward at Metamor Keep. The position has run in his family for as long as the Dukedom has been around. He takes his job very seriously, and often times a bit too meticulously. He is very hard to deal with, and lords over the running of the maintenance and appearance of the Keep with a tight grip. Only on Duke Thomas's word can an order given by Thalberg be changed. Though he has no magical capaibilites, he exerts his influence through force of personality and presence. He is respected by most around the Keep, though he is generally not liked by those who do not know him well.


Species: Wolf

Creator: Wanderer

The court poet, he is known widely for his lyricism and his good natured recitals. At the moment though, his mind is that of a pure wolf, as is his body, a punishment for lying to Akkala in exchange for restoring Christopher's legs to him. He is now the bear's pet until he can be given his intelligence back.

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