Metamor Keep Characters

Long Scouts

In alphabetical order


Species: Child

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Allart is a gruff, abrassive person, but with true regard for his fellow Long Scouts, though he keeps it underneath. He has a wife Marya (black and white tabby) and an eight year old son named Malcolm after Marya's older brother who died when attacked by bandits several years before the curses.

Baldwin Deceased

Species: Condor

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Baldwin operated as a double agent for Nasoj, but was finally discovered during the winter assault and killed.

Brightleaf, Misha

Species: Red Fox

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Misha is thought to be a bit mad by many at the Keep. They consider him an axe-wielding maniac. The axe they are refering to, called Whisper, is a great weapon of immense power that Misha wields deftly to the detriment of his foes; he cuts off an ear of any Lutin he kills and keeps it on a loop of metal as a momento. He is also a very good mechanic, having fixed the music box that Charles had bought for Lady Kimberly for the Equinox-Easter festival. He is good friends with Will Hardy - the Keep's Jeweler - and his daughter Caroline, an otter who won the accuracy portion of the archery tournament at the festival. Misha is a Long Scout for the Keep, and most of his adventures take him deep into the Northlands.


Species: Pine Marten

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Danielle carries a short sword, bow, 3 hand axes with her when she scouts. She is also a low level mage, her specialyt is shield magic. She was born in the east, and came to the Keep as a child. She is normally quiet and soft spoken, and has recently become involved with Finbar.

Darlington, Arla

Species: Collie

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Arla is a very good tracker, her green eyes noting all that there is to see. She is a very tough person, but despite that is looking for a prospective husband. Skylos of the Civil Engineers has been trying to woo her, and has made some good progress.


Species: Ferret

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Finbar is Unmarried, though he has begun seeing Danielle. He prefers to use a dagger and kill guards silently like an assassin. His dagger has a leaf shaped blade. He typically wears studded leather armor. His favourite weapon - The hushpuppy - is a posioned hand crossbow. He is actually half-Lutin in ancestory, his mother being raped by General Selig.


Species: Jackal

Creator: Christian O'Kane

George is the patrol master at the Keep and head of the scouts at the Keep. Very capable. Handles most of the administration for the group. Tough, old, retired bandit/mercenary. Has a taste for luxury. He always keeps a knife hidden in his boot.


Species: Human Female

Creator: Christian O'Kane

The brown-haired Georgette usually weilds a spear and five daggers when she goes into battle for the Longs.

Hardy, Caroline

Species: Otter

Creator: Christian O'Kane

The daughter of Will Hardy. A scout at the Keep, she recently joined The Long Scouts. In love with Misha Brightleaf. Strong and independent, but very close to her father.


Species: Human Male

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Jotham is the Healer for the Longs.


Species: Red Panda

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Kershaw is single, the youngest son of a noble family. His preferred weapon is a Mace. He was badly wounded during the winter assault. Cracked on the head by a flanged mace, almost had his skull split open. He is currently indebted to Akkala for 5 months.

Latoner, Craig Deceased

Species: Praire Dog

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Craig was killed on a mission to the North with Caroline. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.


Species: Human Female

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Laura had been married before the curses, and so has a wife named Sylia (Elvquelin Terrier). They have one child, a boy of eleven named Benyam, a subdued lad with an interest in the cloth. They had an older daughter who died while still a crib.


Species: Child

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Lisa lost her right hand during the winter assault and so no longer serves in the field. Instead, she helps to plan missions from the Long Hall. She has a husband Alec (schnauzer) and two children, Eric(10) and Lucy(7).

Llyn Deceased

Species: Mink

Creator: Ryx

Once a farmer, Joy "Llyn" Wanderer was called up during the last, pitched battle of the Gates, ending up within the influence of his spells. Once a scarred, overmuscled and homely human, she embraced her change, and found that she preferred the sword to the plowshare, and entered the ranks of Metamor's soldiery as soon as order was restored following Nasoj's defeat. As a mink she lost the scars she had gained duing a childhood illness, as well as her poor physical appearance, gaining the exotic, nimble form of an animal. Serving with the main host of Metamor's soldiery for several years after the battle, she switched over to the Long Scouts two years past when it was apparent they were short of manpower. Llyn is passably fair with a shortsword, her chosen weapon, and skilled with the bow. These skills, however, are not outstanding... they are required to be a good soldier or Scout. She's also a keen tracker, and comfortable with the wildlands around her. In her off time she's a collector of rare minerals, and an ameteur geologist. She has also begun surveying the valleys around Metamor for needed mineral deposits, but as yet has come up empty.

Matthias, Charles

Species: Rat

Creator: Charles Matthias

Charles came to Metamor Keep six years ago of his own volition. Shortly thereafter he managed to get the Writer's Guild organized. He was the primary Headmaster. He took a vow of nonviolence though was forced to break it, leading to a near attack on the Duke, a brief stay in the dungeon, and living as a searat on a schooner from Whales. After an adventure off at Glen Avery, he joined the Long Scouts, and began to instruct Garigan in the art of the Sondeckis. During the winter assault, he teamed with Jerome and Zagrosek in defending the Glen, a move that led to his banishment from the Keep for five months. He subsequently married Kimberly and moved to Glen Avery.

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Species: Bear

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Meredith was grievously injured during the winter assault, and will not be able to return to the life of a scout for some time. His wife and three children have been looking after him. His wife is Elisha (ocelot), his twin daughters Sally and Silma (both 12), and his son is also named Meredith (10).


Species: Rabbit

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Padraic is a lop eared, brown rabbit. His brother is a Lightbringer acolyte, a route he once considered as well. He is an expert with the longbow, but he also likes to use a long sword. He is the nweest member of the Long Scouts, brought in during the winter assault.


Species: Human Male

Creator: Christian O'Kane

Gender morph, now a man. Ralls is small, but muscular, and into body building. He is also a Healer for the Longs.

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