Metamor Keep Characters


In alphabetical order

Loriod, Altera Deceased

Species: Human Male

Creator: Charles Matthias

Altera Loriod was once a fetching lass from the Pyralian Kingdoms. She married Lord Alvarez Loriod in 696 CR, but spent the next four years insuring that she never bore him a child. After the curses led to her husband's death and her own gender swap, she became the new Lord Loriod. He ruled his land with an iron fist, grinding the spirits of those underneath him. Because his lands produced the crop that Metamor depended on, he was tolerated by the Hassan court. That is until in Spring of 706 CR he became involved with the actions of Krenek Zagrosek and for a time became the Keeper of the Censer of Yajakali. His treason was discovered by Phil and Thomas, and in April of 706 CR, Altera Loriod's castle was seiged, though Altera himself was killed by Zagrosek before the Metamorians could capture him.

Loriod, Alvarez Deceased

Species: Unnamed Bird

Creator: Charles Matthias

Lord Alvarez Loriod was a fair ruler, though he was often an absent one, spending much of his time acting as a diplomat for the Hassan family in the years before the curse. It was on one such mission that he met Altera in Pyralia. She caught his eye, and he married her in a fit of inspiration. This was his downfall, as soon she dominated his attention. When the curses struck, he became a bird and was killed plummeting from his balcony, presummably drunk. Some have whispered that he was pushed by Altera, but those rumours have never been confirmed.


Species: Donkey

Creator: Charles Matthias

Macaban was the steward of the Loriod house for many years before the curses struck. He served Altera Loriod faithfully as well, though he did chafe under Altera's rule. After Altera was killed and Macaban was freed from the enchantments, Macaban became the de facto ruler of Lorland. He was not invested with the title of Mayor until after Phil left for Whales in January of 707 CR.

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