Metamor Keep Characters


In alphabetical order


Species: Bear

Creator: Kristy Davis

Christopher was once an assistant to Fox Cutter in the library. He has also often been out on patrol duty, but a while back he found himself in a fight with a foreigner and was stabbed in the back, paralysing him from the waist down. Recently though, Wanderer conspired to heal him with Raven Lightbringer, though the latter was not completely aware of the duplicity involved. The healing was a success, locking Christopher in his true bear form, while Wanderer was reduced to nothing more than a wolf in mind and body. Christopher now serves as penance as an acolyte in the Lothanasi temple.

Dorson Deceased

Species: Ferret

Creator: Charles Matthias

Dorson was Wessex's chief pupil until he was killed by Zagrosek in Spring 706 CR. Dorson was tricked into activating the censer of Yajakali, thus summoning Zagrosek. Zagrosek broke his neck in repayment.


Species: Child

Creator: Terry Spafford

Electra is an all purpose magician. Before Saroth came of age she was in charge of the weather spell at the keep. Teaches magic and helps new mages gain control of their powers. Born on Magdalain Island. Has a twin brother still on the island (as a healer) whom she can contact telepathically.

Hassan, Malisa

Species: Female Human

Creator: M. S. Reeve-Powell

Semi-adopted daughter of Thomas. Orphaned in a lutin attack but too young then to really remember much of it. Grew to adulthood under the tutelage of Thomas, became a powerful wizard and fought in the battle of Three Gates. Transformed from Matthew to Malisa. Nickname is Mal. Now acts in Thomas's stead when he is busy. Was appointed the new Prime Minister shortly after Posti's death.


Species: Hawk

Creator: Charles Matthias

Jessica grew up at the Keep, and for many years was a student mage of Wessex's. Before the curse, she trained to be an Enchantress, but with the loss of her hands - she has wings for arms and talons for feet at her most morphic - she has focused her energies on mastering the paths of Conjuration and Divination. She helped Wessex fight off his strange nightmares, and has also fallen in love with Weyden, one of Yonson's guards who is also a hawk morph. She has convinced him to convert to the Lothanasi faith, a fact that pleases her greatly.

Kapler, Wessex ard' Deceased

Species: Child

Creator: Charles Matthias

Wessex ard'Kapler was one of the most powerful wizards at the Keep. He specialized in the magic of the enemy. He was being plagued by strange nightmares featuring Matthias and Zagrosek torturing him. He was able to keep the nightmares at bay, but was killed by Agathe on the Winter Solstice 706 CR. Agathe reanimated his corpse, forcing him to undo the binding he had placed on the section of the wall that trapped the censer of Yajakali. In so doing, he was destroyed by a Shrieker when the tear collapsed.

Khunnas, Murikeer

Species: Skunk

Creator: Ryx

A skunk of a most jaded stripe. Hunted by humans from the day of his change, he fears and loaths them, so for many years refused to go to Metamor Keep (little did he know what the keep was really like). Not a tall fellow, nor overly muscular, but built well enough to survive in the hostile forests of the northland. A mage of minor note, he had just recieved his journeyman status when his change came upon him. He was in a southern kingdom at the time (having been unaffected during his stay during the battle of the Three Hates since he was only a child), and those of that kingdom thought him a beast or demon, and placed a bounty on his head. Commonly he can be found wearing nothing more than a bandoleer of odds and ends, and weilding, of all things, a pickaxe for a weapon. After returning to Metamor for a time, he has set out with Malger and Vinsah for Sathmore so that he may reclaim his father's body and bring it back to Metamor so that it may lay next to his mother.


Species: Mouse

Creator: Wanderer

Kindle is a minor magician at the Keep who was apprenticed to Posti until the Prime Minister's death.

Posti Deceased

Species: Horse

Creator: Bob Stein

Posti was the Prime Minister of Metamor Keep. Unlike Thalberg, Posti had no actual powers within the Keep. However, in external affairs, his word was the law, unless countermanded by Duke Thomas. He tended to shadow the Duke, and while respected by most, he prefered to work behind the scenes to keep the Keep at full strength. Already quite old, Posti died in CR706 under strange circumstances. His student, a mouse named Kindle, is his only heir.


Species: Raccoon

Creator: Chris Hoekstra

Jokingly calls himself the Keeps resident homicidal genius. Rickkter is skilled as a Warrior/mage with some knowledge in alchemy and the scholarly study of ancient magic. Both his knowledge and current attitude have made many of the Keepers wary of him, though a few have chosen to call him friend. His origin is south-eastern, and he is a self professed ex-mercenary & bounty hunter. His attitude is often one of mild arrogance, excpet when he is in good company or casual surroundings. He loves a good match, and will never backdown from a fight unless he know there is no way to win. Rickkter is currently trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life, now that his days of adventure and travel are behind him.


Species: Bronze Dragon

Creator: Terry Spafford

Saroth is the Keep's Weather Dragon, keeping abreast of any storms that may come into the area and warning the others. His mentor is a girl named Electra, who was the Weather Mage before him. Due to his tampering with the spells cast upon the Keep by Nasoj he can no longer speak but is forced to use telepathy.


Species: Golden Eagle

Creator: Terry Spafford

Sean is a young golden eagle morph from the Magdalene Islands. He has excellent magic sight, better then anyone at the Keep. If it is magic, he can see it, and usually make out any details of the spell. He is also a magic amplifier, able to amplify the power of existing spells, though he can not cast magic spells on his own. He is close friends with Saroth and Electra.

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