Metamor Keep Characters

Mallow Horn

In alphabetical order

Dupré, Anya

Species: Untransformed Female

Creator: Charles Matthias

Anya Dupré is the daughter of Titian Verdane. She has the red hair and green eyes typical of the Verdanes, but her temper is the only one that is actually fiery. She is torn between supporting her husband and her loyalty to her family. She considers herself the most fit to rule, and often directs her husband's intemperate hand.

Dupré, Jory

Species: Untransformed Male

Creator: Charles Matthias

Jory is the eight year old son of William and Anya. He love shis dog Stalker, and has begun to try to train him. He is being sent to Kelewair to be a ward of his grandfather Duke Verdane. He has mixed feelings about this, but wants to be a good man and Lord.

Dupré, William

Species: Untransformed Male

Creator: Charles Matthias

William Dupré is an impetuous man dedicated to expanding his power. He has been fueding with Lord guilford of Masyor for years, and covets his land. With the guilford boy's death, he is now locked in open war with Masyor. His heraldry is a green field with a ram's head in silhouette.

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