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Metamor Keep is a vast universe with a wide variety of characters populating it. In the past, I used a single list to detail all of the characters that the many authors in Metamor Keep had created to fill this magical world. However, in the seven years since Metamor Keep was born, the number and variety of the characters have grown so large, that I have been incapable of keeping pace with them. The most shameful thing of all is that I myself have spawned whole groups of characters that were not even mentioned in these pages.

To that end, I have now redesigned the character pages to group characters in a logical fashion. After long consideration, I decided that the best thing to do would be to group them geographically at first, and then break them down into smaller groups that could be more easily managed. This is however, a work in progress. Some of the categories are not yet active. Further, as there are always more stories being written in the Metamor Keep Universe, there are new characters being introduced all the time. I will strive to keep these records updated.

I do hope that you find this page easy to browse and helpful in either your reading of Metamor Keep, or in the writing of your own stories. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. And if you know of a character I've missed, don't hesitate to inform me!

Happy Reading!

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