Easter '96 - Session 10

10. In the Palm of Insanity

---     IN THE PALM OF INSANITY    ---
---            (24.4.96)           ---

	The ring of 'cultists' turned out to be short entities with
large round eyes (ala Manga?), who took the group as prisoners (we didn't
have much choice, since we all fainted when the telepathic noise in our
heads got too high.)
	We awoke in total darkness and, after forming a chain, found a wall. 
Lighting matches at intervals, we found we were in some sort of maze. At
this point, Julian had the bright idea of using a flash-light which we had
in a sack - funny how you forget about these things.
	Stumbling across a obstruction, we found an old man, whose dress 
suggested he was an early American settler, called Warwick (with the
accent to boot.) He had been prisoner for some time, having arrived the
same way as us and lost his 'router' (or compass thingy as we call it.)
	Upon waking, he recognised Professor Hargreaves' name. A fact which
believes has some significance, but you never know. Everything else in
this campaign is a clear are the 'super-fluid' ichor sea, which resided
on the planet.
	The creatures came down with torches and took us to a huge statue (we
where advised not to struggle) and said a few chants etc.. You know the 
stuff. There were only four stars in the sky and it was bitterly cold,
we've hypothesised that we've emerged in a time long after the sun has
extinguished. This falls under more accurate inspection, but our GM's not
a physicist so he's allowed to make to odd blunder, if our theories right -
'but the laws of physics don't apply here' you get the idea. 
	Then it all stopped, they looked at us expectantly so we thought we'd
better do something - 'Lets climb inside the statue's cupped hand!' Hmmm.
The hand was clasped shut as the statue reanimated and, once again, we all
lost SAN and HP. The statue eyed each of us in turn, before placing them
on a stone plinth, leaving poor Jeremiah in the statues hand staring into
a hungry eye. Its hand slowly prodded him, feeling to see how tender the
antiques dealer was before gobbling his backpack up whole (luckily, the
screw-driver is always in Jeremiah's pocket, so it lives on.) 
Unfortunately the parties entire supply of cherries when with it, look
forward to withdrawal symptoms in the near future. The statue
raced towards a near-by hill and started to play Frisbee with the hill
top, dug down and then an intense beam of light shot up from the hole. The
earth shook and the creatures started to explode as they weren't used to
should intense light (more comic than scary really) and the few trees
around disintegrated.
	Some thing shot out of the hole, the vacuum sucking us towards it.
The now unconscious Professor, floating helplessly towards it. After some
extremely lucky rolls, The Rev braced himself on a dip in the ground, the
Doc and PI grabbed the Rev's legs and Jeremiah was flung right over,
but managed to grab something just before falling into the (lava filled?)
pit. the Professor's coat snagged on a sharp piece of rock and was saved
from certain death. 
	We now had the problem of finding a way out of this place. Warwick
thought he could find another portal, but water was running very low
(water? Didn't have any, and there wasn't even anything to use the 
FUNNEL with. Having found a portal after 2 days
no water, we entered and eventually found our selves in BRENT (see 
the over-view.)
	Another portal in the same cluster in the 'dark path' led to the
Reverend's bedroom (we always thought he was a cultist!) But for some
reason we couldn't enter that one. Similarly with a study with pictures, 
which we suspect is the big cheese's room. We are now at the top of (sky
rent in twain, lightning flashes) BRENT church tower. As you might gather,
BRENT plays a major role in this campaign, but we haven't the foggiest


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