Lent '96 - Session 9

9. The Sign of the Fish

---     THE SIGN OF THE FISH      ---
---           (21.2.96)           ---

From tlm21@hermes.cam.ac.ukThu Feb 22 03:30:13 1996
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 00:56:03 +0000 (GMT)
From: Tim Massingham {tlm21@hermes.cam.ac.uk}
To: Cthulhu RPG's -- Hot Tokyo mice {tmac2@hermes.cam.ac.uk},
    Julian {jenf2@hermes.cam.ac.uk}, Marcus {mwo20@hermes.cam.ac.uk},
    Matt {mjc42@hermes.cam.ac.uk},
    Ye demonic fetish lord {dhf20@hermes.cam.ac.uk}
Subject: Bloody quick write up

	Here goes:
	On the island everything was apparently mutated (two tailed 
monkeys, split trees etc.) We found a water source and went for a stroll, 
finding some traps that had been set - human activity.
	After camping the night near the hills, we decided that they were 
too steep to climb and retreated to the south-western shores. We spotted 
some smoke coming from the SE side of the island and went to investigate 
in the morning.
	We arrived at a native village and got fed miss-shaped fish and 
witnessed a strange ritual involving a large club and fish statue. We 
noticed an airplane propeller on one of the huts and after making 
suitable motions (leaving me with the name Biggles - I guess it's going 
to stick) Got the chief to take us to the top of the hills, where lo and 
behold, there was a plane.
	In the back of the plane was a huge metal 'fish' with radiation 
symbols painted on it, which the chief proceeded to pelt with his club. A 
dark shadow was on the side of the plane, which turned out to be a sphere 
of 'death.' After a few tentative feelings, Jeremiah, the Rev and the 
good doctor were engulfed - followed by the PI. The Prof, completely 
failing to take the hint, proceeded to try and stop the chief as the 
casing buckled despite several rolls by Tim (some ending in the 
exclamation FUCK - an 01 roll.) Eventually he set his stop watch while 
the rest of us made ticking noises and Matt looked bewildered. The bomb 
was to blow on 20 sec, just the time Matt decided to enter the sphere and 
the Prof now has a couple new insanities and probably a bad case of 
melanoma (being in the epicentre of a nuclear explosion does that to you, 
or so I'm told.)
	After wandering through a space similar to that we encountered on 
the ship, we rematerialised inside a ring of probably cultists, who 
apparently think they've summoned us.


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