Lent '96 Session 6

6. The Ambulance

---         THE AMBULANCE         ---
---           (25.1.96)           ---

From tlm21@hermes.cam.ac.ukMon Jan 29 02:08:26 1996
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 00:26:12 +0000 (GMT)
From: Tim Massingham {tlm21@hermes.cam.ac.uk}
To: Cthulhu RPG's {dhf20@hermes.cam.ac.uk}, jenf2@hermes.cam.ac.uk,
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Subject: Cthulhu

	This is mainly to Dom, but if anyone wants to read through the 
text and see if I've missed anything, feel welcome.

	Quite a lot happened last? night, so I thought I'd better e-mail
you and try to recap ready for next week; so here goes...

	Recall: John (the old man) hid Benny (the black man) from the 
"KKK." The "KKK" were after some stick (actually a wand) and we got into 
a fire-fight. The police turned up and arrested you and Julian, I played 
dead and got a perfect view of battered ambulance turn up and the 
'doctor' go round shooting policeman. Everyone apart from me was quickly 
disarmed and after a spirited attempt to crawl along and get a gun,
decided that if I used it I wouldn't live to kill the doctor (I'd need to
get 3 shots off with penalties and he only needed one.
	So we were all in the back of the ambulance with a dead body (no 
not me.) We think the cultists who escaped ran into the ambulance as they 
sped away and hijacked it. We were knocked out by some gas or something 
and awoke in a room.
	The room was largish, had a window high up and a door in the 
corner (sound familiar?) We established that it was a cellar and after 
being fed etc. we were given an audience with the big cheese himself, who 
desperately wanted to know what we had done with his wand. 
	The big cheese is the man Benny used to work for, the cloth 
exporter at Boston and is definitely up to his elbows in Mythos slime (no
slight suspicions about it, he's severely deranged and nobody goes into his 
private apartments (including his body guards, or maybe more accurate 
nobody goes in twice.)
	He then went on to reveal how the maid at the rectory was in fact 
an assassin, who shot Arnold and we all apparently went insane and 
hallucinated him committing suicide. (The bad guy reveals all then we 
escape; sounds about like James Bond really.)
	A black servant, who had brought us the food (now stopped since 
we were supposed to stave to death.) came into the room. The servant was 
Benny's brother and gave us a copy of a map which he pinched out of the 
library and a contact address where we can get in touch with his family. 
(Benny had explained to him the importance of the wand, which he couldn't 
destroy and presumably sent it off somewhere.
	With the key given to us by the servant, we unlocked the window 
and escaped after being chased by dogs across the back lawn and a very 
tense scene trying to get over the 10' garden fence.

[We were then stuck in Boston with very few possessions, with a half-dead
Tim on our hands, and in fear of going back to our own homes because they
would obviously be watched by The Big Cheese (TM). So we sent an urgent
telegram to Dr. Tatler to send Swanson round to pick us up.] - Marcus,
	The contact address we where given is in Tahiti (Voo-Doo 
central) and with our contacts at the University we are now going on an 
'archaeological' expedition, all expenses paid.

[Er, no... Voodoo Central is Haiti. Haiti's in the Caribbean; Tahiti is in 
the South Pacific. (I know these things because I once played a tournament
Cthulhu game set in Haiti, which involved the investigators getting buried
alive and turned into zombies while the US army tried to overthrow the
dictator who was up to his elbows in Mythos slime...!)

Both Haiti and Tahiti are/were French colonies;  Tahiti natives are
Polynesians (not blacks) which will make it interesting to see what
Benny's family got there (descendants of French slaves?) One point which
should not escape anyone: Tahiti is very close to R'lyeh, the resting
place of the Big C...] - Marcus, 26/1


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