Lent '96 Session 7

7. To Sail Beyond the Sunset

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From tlm21@hermes.cam.ac.ukMon Feb 05 13:24:52 1996
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 02:00:48 +0000 (GMT)
From: Tim Massingham {tlm21@hermes.cam.ac.uk}
To: Cthulhu RPG's -- Hot Tokyo mice {tmac2@hermes.cam.ac.uk},
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Subject: The saga continues

	For some reason I've decided to come in here and type up an 
account of what happened tonight rather than getting some much needed 
sleep, perhaps I've failed one to many SAN rolls. Here goes...

	We were on board a ship bound for Tahiti. After checking the usual 
(life-boats / jackets - this is Cthulhu!) We ate, the meal was a bit off 
(you know what its like with this poisoned food, worse than a McDonalds.)
and Jeremiah and the professor decided to have a good look over the side 
of the ship.
	After retiring, the good doctor decided to do some reading on 
deck (in the dark?) and the rest of us went off to rest our upset food 
sacks. After been woken around 4.30am(?) we went up onto deck, in order 
to get some fresh air and witnessed an unearthly sight, the sky swirling 
several callidoscopes of colour (including a few new ones - SAN loss
	The doctor was on deck taking a passing interest in the sky; the 
professor became absolutely entranced and, after the Reverend came up onto 
deck an hour or so later, collapsed when we attempted to awaken him. We 
called for the ships doctor and left the professor to recover (He, He.) In 
the meanwhile we went on a major caffeine search around the ship, unable 
to find a source of hot water to take our favourite stimulant.
	Suddenly we heard screams coming from below decks and arrived at 
the doctors surgery to find a 'doctor' standing over the professor with a 
scalpel, recoiling from a drastic blow to somewhere extremely anatomical. 
With a courageous leap, Jeremiah push the felon across the room while 
everybody grabbed the nearest blunt object. The 'doctor' then tried to 
stab the professor, making a rather long incision and earning him a blow 
to the head. Jeremiah then valiantly (no bias here at ALL) smashed a lamp 
into the felon head, severely concaving it and otherwise making a bit of 
a mess.
	The body then fell to bits. The head, arms and legs came off and 
on further inspection appeared to be from different people. Problem.
	We decided to dispose of the body over the side of the ship, 
quite easily accomplished and then went to see the captain - "You're all 
going to die, here or when we land. It make no difference." What a nice
	So off we when down to the luggage store, to arm ourselves to the 
teeth and after picking the lock proceeded to do just that. We inspected 
the cargo crates and discovered them to be full of dead(?) bodies (shock 
horror.) We heard some crew member dragging bodies in and sealing them in 
the crates and after following him, discovered a pile of bodies in the 
middle of the corridor. Deciding that the ship was obviously in unsafe 
hands, the only course of action was to storm the bridge; an action 
easily perpetrated with the aid of a large bottle of Chloroform nicked 
from the medic supplies.
	We gassed the bridge and the Reverent took command, trying to 
navigate in God knows how many dimensions using an odd compass and 
amulet belonging to the captain (and with the aid of our magic cherries 
- probably containing the life force of the sailors; remove the cherry 
necklace and they die.) The reverend attempted to navigate while we all 
polished off the remain sailors and tried to get the remaining passengers 
out of their cabins. At this point the hull began to leak and we decided 
it was probably a bad idea to remain below decks and forage for supplies.
	After some incredibly tense moments we made it back to 
normality(?) and abandoned ship, with by this time was severely listing. 
After organising the passengers, off we rowed. Only on other row boat 
actually making it out of the whirl-pool (and heading off in the other 
direction), the professor's lady friend going down with the ship.
	So we are now stranded in the middle of an ocean somewhere, any
Appendix: I forgot to mention the professors lady friend earlier. He went 
on the pull and ended up in conversation with an incredibly ugly woman, 
who he kept visiting throughout the scenario. Okay, so he did have good 
reasons, but still its good to poke fun every now and then.


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