{ScrewDriver} {TimM in strait jacket}

Jeremiah Hawthorn

Played by Tim Massingham
I play Jeremiah Hawthorn middle aged rare books / antique shop keeper, who has an extremely nervous disposition and a slight case of insomnia. His nerves weren't helped during a quick meeting with several members of the Ku-Klux-Klan which resulted in him being completely perforated by a handgun.
Jeremiah's nickname "Sanity's Screwdriver" comes from his habit of carrying that most useful of tools around with him at all times. One of these days I might find something to do with it.

Jeremiah was born 1879 to an Arkham antiques dealer and his wife. He has always showed a particular rapport with the past, rapidly becoming is father's equal in the antiques trade (not that his father was a particularly learned man.)
He won a place at Arkham's Miskatonic University to read history in 1897, more through his knowledge of the subject and hard work than any particular native intelligence.
Jeremiah's father was killed in the Spanish-American war (1898) and when his mother fell ill in 1899, Jeremiah had to leave his studies to nurse his mother and look after the family shop. (Specialising more into old books, an interest of Jeremiah's.) For the next 2 years Jeremiah nursed his mother as she suffered from an incurable wasting disease, until she was finally granted piece long after her mind went. this period accounts for Jeremiah's nervous traits and his insomnia (his mother had a habit of sleep walking through the early phase of the illness and needed 24 hour care towards the end.)
He never returned to his studies, supporting himself with the antique shop and befriending some of his regular customers, including the Rev. Peters, Doc. Jones, Prof. Hargreaves and a certain research student at Misk. Uni. who later turned up dead in Rev. Peters' rectory.


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