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One CarePony at a Time--
by Michael Bard
Michael Bard -- all rights reserved

An ever-smiling CUTE pair of ponies clopped down the pleasant flower-sided path towards the cute pink house painted with little flowers and birds that extended out into the glistening green-blue water. Each was a CUTE and HUGGABLE fuzzy and floofy pony, one covered with eye-grabbing robin-egg blue fur, and the other a lime-green, and just as floofy and CUTE and HUGGABLE. Their big eyes blinked as they looked around, just oozing trust and happiness and CUTENESS. Overhead a few birds swoop and sang, admiring the pristine cleanness of the bay and the gravelled beach.

In companionable silence they touched their palms to the door. Runes flashed, and the door clicked as it unlocked. The two vanished into the darkness.

Inside, only once the door had closed, the ceiling began to glow a sickly green. The blue CUTE and HUGGABLE pony fumbled with the back of the other, and there was a tearing sound, like flesh being torn asunder, and the CUTE fluffiness suddenly hung loose, draped around some kind of form that slowly stood up, but never stopped hunching. It didn't take long for the figure to pull off the rest of the unbearable CUTENESS until there was only the big eyed mind-draining head sitting atop a sickly green-blue reptilian body with heavily clawed feet. Turning, he fumbled with the back of the other and soon its costume fell loose and was removed, leaving the same form.

"I'm glad my shift's over!" one whispered, his voice a sweet bell-tone, decaying into a ear-grinding rasp as it pulled the bit floofy pony head off, revealing a green scaled thing with big bulging eyes.

The other nodded as it pulled off its head with a slurping sound. "I've told him we should have shorter shifts. But then he looks at you, glares into your soul, waves those--"

"Don't remind me!"

"It'll be so good to go home, eat some drowned victims, and be ourselves"

"Absolutely! Until our next shift--"

The other moaned.

The first dove into the sparkling water, his transformed chthonic form disappearing into the suddenly murky depths. Before diving in after, the other just muttered in a mind-scraping voice, "And just how did Lord Cthulhu come up with using CUTENESS as a weapon anyway--?"


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