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Welcome to my eclectic collection of fiction and other interesting stuff.  Although the primary focus is the fiction I've written, there is stuff from other people, the master TBP archive, and a huge section on Writing (Writer's School).  ENJOY!

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Update History
Aug 2, 2007 Where to start...?  The lack of updates occurred for so long due to my moving, being stuck with a dial up connection, having issues about employment and paying bills, and then seeing a huge pile of stories and putting it off and off...  But it's started now.  This part of the BIG UPDATE is just my personal stuff, along with a few link corrections as things move around on the internet.

Storied added: Agrippa Campaign: "The Bloodstone's Gift" and "Frontier War: First Contact"; Diary of a Centaur: "Under the Moon"; Space Cadet: "The Survivor" and a note that "Hunters" has been published in print in Renard's Menagerie; Winds of Change: "The Shoes make the Horse" and a note that "Fighting the Change" will appear in the Aug/Sept issue of the online ezine Anthro; Xanadu: "Tale of a Tail" and "The Tale of the Ivory Otherkin" along with a link to the new main Xanadu archive as the original one no longer exists; Other SF: "Can I help you?"; "Gifted"; "Home"; "Swimming through the Aftermath" along with a note that the novel "Fork in the Road" is currently being anthologized in Anthro; Other Fantasy: "A Hunting we will go"; "A Walk in the National Enchanted Forest"; "Choices"; "Christmas in the National Enchanted Forest"; "How not to be seen"; "It's in the Skin"; "Slip Sliding Around"; "Somebody's Watching"; "The Applicant"; "The Dragon Slayer"; "The Myth of Beetlecat"; "Who gets the Dreamers?"; Other Horror: "One CarePony at a Time"; and in the Other Other section, another piece of poetry: "Going Home".

The Links and Rings page was also updated to reflect changes.

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