Home Supermare!
Dragon Warrior X #1
by Draven Darklight

My name is Ryu Kanbihoukyou, or on occasion Tora Kanbihoukyou.   That wasn't always my name and I never needed another name before, but now I do.   My origin seemed to rewrite reality a bit, and I'm even listed as Japanese on my drivers license.  I don't look Japanese in the least, I just look like a your typical shujo pretty boy with long purple hair, or when I find myself female about the same other than a chest that looks like it should impede standing up, much less movement.  What triggers this change seems to be random unfortunately, one time it was a sneeze, another time it was cold water.

I wasn't seeking an origin exactly, but wasn't running away from any sign of superhero activity either.   I bought a collection of manga that had been infused with magical power during a fight between the Incredible Edible Mage and sorcerer third-rate Pigeonist.  I bought a video game system that had been struck by cosmic rays during the Cosmic Artichoke's fight with the Legion of Unpleasantness.  And finally I bought the broken transformation watch of one of the Daring Dragoons that the crazy Daring Dragoon who found out he was an alien killed because they had stolen his name.  Of course because one the Os was missing it was listed on E-bay as belonging to the Daring Dragon, but the superhero artifact warning papers made it clear exactly who it had belonged to.

Apparently storing my magic manga next to my cosmic dreamcast was just asking for trouble, and once I came to play a game wearing the watch if an origin didn't occur the universe would have exploded.  As it stands only my apartment building exploded, but it was all right because everyone in the building survived thanks to their new superpowers.  I came to (fill in later) to get away from the group of people in California who hate me so much for giving them superpowers, especially since my first floor I still seemed to be normal and the only nonliving thing in the entire apartment still intact was my dreamcast.

Before I left I did have my first appearance as the taxi I was taking to the airport broke down in front of a bank.  That was the fist time I looked down and noticed instead of a black watch with the charred words Daring Dragoon, there was a small golden bracelet of an oriental dragon holding a pearl.   The pearl had an X carved in it.  The bank robbers came out a moment later shooting into the bank as the alarm went off.  I got out of the cab and rushed into the alley next to the bank to change.  I had no idea what exactly came next, but then held my arm with the snug bracelet up and screamed "Ryuken Power Activate" and became a blue humanoid winged dragon wearing a lose fitting white outfit and carrying a katana.  I took off just as the bank robbers were speeding off down the street.   I landed on the roof of the car, cut it open with my sword, and then proceeded to pummel them.

Then when I arrived here some goons in black body suits and horsehead masks were stealing hammers and nails from a hardware store led by some guy with a duck sitting on his head wearing a suit.  I hid an alley again, but this I yelled "Princess Dragon Change" and became something completely different. A girl of about 16 with a huge chest, finlike ears, a long tail and wings, all green wearing a really revealing blue plate armor chest plate that looked more like a bathing suit than armor.  It also had a bunch of white transparent ribbons streaming from it that serve no purpose.  I also had staff with a heart at the top and a dragon curling around the base.  The Duck guy said his name was Memory Mallard, then went into some long boring speech before he asked me why I was.  I had been using my staff to support my weight as I was half asleep and trying not to stare at my breasts when suddenly I had to move again.  I did some standard anime hero posing and delivered this winning speech.  "I am the princess of the heavens.  I am the light of truth that illuminates the dark.  I am Dragon Warrior X and I will vanquish you minion of darkness."

Then I beat the thugs with my staff for awhile, but they wouldn't stay down.  Which resulted in me pointing my staff at the lot of them and yelling "Holy Bunny Heart Attack." as the streamers blew back from unseen wind. Then a bunch of hearts flew out of the  staff and turned all the thugs into rabbits.  I then tried to get some answers out of the duck guy, but he wouldn't say anything so I pinned him against the wall with my chest. That's when you showed up Silver Vixen and started saying how wrong it was. I still don't know why I did it exactly, maybe I'm just more ditzy in that form or something.  So I'm sorry I stuck my thumbs on my temples and wiggled my hands as I stuck out my tongue at you.  If you can forgive me for that I think I might make an excellent addition to (the team), even if my powers don't seem to be entirely predictable.


Home Supermare!

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