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Challenge of the Superfriends: Plush Cthulhu Arises!


[Alerted by the Bat Computer in the Hall of Justice, Superman streaks through the upper atmosphere to intercept an alien Skull ship intent on attacking the earth.]

Speaking easily in the vacuum of near space, Superman comments: "The Skrull are always here to perpetrate evil.  At least it's a break from the Legion of Doom"

[Suddenly, the Skrull ship comes to a halt and exudes a billowing green gas that stretches and starts to wrap itself around the earth!]

"Great Scott!  That Skrull gas will TF everybody into the animal they're closest too!  If I can hit it with just the right frequency of my Super-heat Vision, and fly around it fast enough, I just might be able to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and thereby distort its atomic structure so that the gas molecules will be transferred into harmless snowflakes!"

[Upon saying that, the cloaked Defender of Earth, exerts his superhuman power and flies around the Skrull gas faster and faster, irradiating it with his heat vision, until all that we can see is a red blur.  A ship from the NASA employed refugee Balloon People tries to save Superman but it is to no avail as the gas expands into his lungs as it envelopes the earth]

*The screen turns black and a white star shoots towards you on the lower left and passes, then on the lower right and passes, and then straight at you.*

[Meanwhile, somewhere within the boggy mists of their treacherous swamp, the sinister Legion of Doom prepares to engage in a battle for world conquest!]

"The meeting will come to order.  The Legion of Doom is now in session.  It is the purpose of the legion to align our infamous forces against the powers of the Super Friends and defeat them, leaving us the rulers of the world.  To do this we have gathered together the 13 most ruthless villains on earth: the frigid Captain Cold [fires cold gun at chandelier turning it to ice and destroying it]; the sinister mind of Sinestro [creates yellow floating snake from his power ring]; the awesome Bizarro and Solomon Grundy [Solomon Grundy puts his fist through the table]; the cunnning cheetah and the super intelligent computer android Brainiac [Cheetah scratches the table in two]; Black Manta and Grodd the Gorilla [Grodd puts his fist through the table]; the Toyman and the humerous but sininster Riddler [Riddler produces a hand of cards with each of the Super Friends which then burst into flames and fall to ash]; the feminine yet ferocious Giganta and the hidous Scarecrow.  Not to mention the evil genius and brilliant leadership of myself, Lex Luthor."

At least their dues pay for the damage.  "To begin my latest nefarious plan to destroy the Super Friends, I have gotten the Skrull to launch an attack on earth."

*The big screen at the Legion of Doom comes to life to show a picture of Superman flying superfast around the Skrull vapour as the ship from the Balloon People refugees working for NASA tries to aid Superman.  As Superman inhales the gas his body distorts and twists into a balloon alien which suddenly comes to a stop.   The balloons expand in the vacuum of space, and then burst.*

"Superman is our first victim."  It'll be so much less profitable, Luthor thought to himself, to lose all the income from the blackmail tapes from the cameras I have everywhere, but this chance to get rid of the rest of these bozos can't be missed.  "Brainiac, have you prepared devices so that we can survive the gas?"

Brainiac speaks in a monotonous monotone: "Those naive superfools think that their Justice League gadgetry can protect them from the Skrull gas, but only the computerized genius of Brainiac can create a suitable defence.  My Ekurian nanocyte-driven molecular filters, melded with my impervious forcefields in a manner only I, Brainiac, could possibly have the intellect to implement..."

Or he could have just gone to army surplus and bought a gas mask thought Lex Luthor to himself.

*The screen turns black and a white star shoots towards you on the lower left and passes, then on the lower right and passes, and then straight at you.*

[Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice, the horrified Super Friends have just watched Superman's bizarre and baffling demise on their big screen.]

Robin is the first to react: "Holy inflatable..."

Faster than any other human could react, the red suited speedster Flash thinks to himself: Heck with the slow learners group here -- I'll just use my absolute control over my own molecules to create a global updraft that will blow the Skrull gas out into space where the ambient solar UV radiation will neutralize it.  I just hope I have enough time

[And in a flash, the Flash takes off on his desperate mission.]

"...rubber demise Batman!"

"There's no time for that Robin, we have to ask the Bat Computer how to counteract the Skrull gas!"

[Oblivious to the Flash's absence, Batman starts punching random keys on the Bat Computer.   The rest of the Superfriends watch as the Skrull gas drifts down through the windows of the Hall of Justice.]

[Batman, still waiting for the Bat Computer, becomes a Duck-billed Platypus from the egg his was carrying in his utility belt whose venom he was using to develop a cure for the common cold; Robin changes into Wonder Woman, his suit bursting; Wonder Woman becomes Kairo, Green Lantern's powerless sidekick; Aquaman becomes Aqualad; Aqualad becomes Hawkman; Hawkman becomes Hawkgirl with the straps of his wings straining; Hawkgirl becomes Hawkman's Hawk which was voiding on her shoulder; and Green Lantern becomes Aquaman making sure that the oceans still have a powerful defender]

[Returning in a flash, the Flash arrives.  Even his incredible speed had not been enough to stop the Krull gas.  Although his speed had created a slipstream that had concentrated the horrifying gas's affect on himself transforming him into an amalgam of the thousands of animals he had passed in his desperate effort; the crimson speedster ignored his own condition as he stared at the transformed Super Friends]

Wonder Woman, now Kairo, is the first to recover from the change: "Great hera! I'm... I'm turning BLUE! I must be DROWNING!"  Guided by the Wisdom of Athena, she immediately starts giving herself life-saving m-t-m resuscitation.

*The screen turns black and a white star shoots towards you on the lower left and passes, then on the lower right and passes, and then straight at you.*

[Meanwhile, at the Metroplis Recreation Centre, the Wonder Twins have just saved four teenagers who were skateboarding on the edge of the Metropolis Tar Pits and are preparing to return to the Hall of Justice when the Skrull gas reaches them]

Together they chorus: "Wonder Twin Powers Activate"

"Shape of a Pelican"

"Form of Water"

And Zan, as speaking water, flows into Jayna's pouch as the gas hits.

[The Wonder Twins, protected by the power of their rings, are unaffected by the gas, but Gleek is not so lucky.  As he inhales the gas, he becomes the skateboarder just rescued and the skateboarder becomes Gleek.  Oblivious, the Wonder Twins grab Gleek who use to be the skateboarder as the skateboarder who use to be Gleek gibbers at them, loses his balance, and falls into the Tar Pits]

*The screen turns black and a white star shoots towards you on the lower left and passes, then on the lower right and passes, and then straight at you.*

[Meanwhile, back at the Legion of Doom Headquarters, the meeting continues as Brainiac is still explaining his device.]

"...will create a feedback zone whose etheric frequencies will neutralize the Skrull Gas before it enters our lungs."

Lex Luthor managed to keep from shaking his head as Brainiac finally finished.  "Legion, already the gas has disabled the Super Friends and now is the time to strike!"  And indeed it is, he thought, as he pushed a button on the podium opening holes all around the roof above the table dropping white lab mice.  Another button press and the ventilation fans reversed pulling the Skrull gas into the meeting hall.

"Dinnerrr? Forrr mmmeee? How thoughtful of you, Lex!" Cheetah asked, as she grabbed a mouse in her claws.

"House cleaning," Lex responded as he grabbed a gas mask from behind the podium and watched as the gas transformed all of the Legion of Doom into mice in voluminous suits.

The light in the room flickered as the big screen changed to show the view from another of Luthor's ubiquitous AI controlled monitoring cameras: a 36 year old male sitting in front of the computer.  Lex turned and stared as the man changed into a duplicate of a plush Cthulhu that was sitting on top of his computer mind.  Immediately Lex's lightning mind realized the implications.

[Suddenly, all over the world, the power of Plush Cthulhu rippled through reality, and effecting everybody instantaneously, through any defenses...]

The narrators voice suddenly changes to a much higher pitch.

[Changing everybody into cute and fuzzy Plush versions of whatever they were!]

- To Be Continued - Maybe...


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