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The Origin of the Silver Vixen
by James S. Cole

I work for the super hero encyclopedia, I'm a field reasearcher for the retired super hero division. I find retired super heros and interview them. There's lots of retired hero's to meet and they all have intresting stories. I think part of me has always been fascinated by the raw facts of a super hero's life. Battleing villians and averting disasters. Every city now adays has at least one champion, and plenty of chrimials, super or other wise too keep them busy. But not everwhere is Marrisville. No one admits it but Marrisville is capitial of retired hero's. Almost everyone is a retiree and almost everyone is a former hero. Entire hero teams have retired here. The Star Spangled Six, The Kung-fu Nuncleare Iguans, The Crusanders, Evil Busters just to name a few. Whats more Marrisville is the single place on earther with the most cosmic powered hero's. They hang out here for two reasons, one most of there battles are fought off earth and Marrisville is a nice peaceful community, and two Marrisville is a nice peaceful community becase no villian with half a brain cell comes with in 200 miles of the city limits. This is where I do my research, and is it a gold mine! The hero's don't bother to hide there "secert idenities" here and are quite willing to share there life stories.

On one particular day I was interviewing Vivian McGreggor, former 60's hero The Silver Vixen. Haveing been granted the power to become a humanoid silver fox by a fox spirit she fought along sidesome of the best hero groups ever. She was part of the Crusanders, but then what hero worth anything who was anything in the 60's wasn't? For a woman pushing 96 she's still ravising. Hair that's still bight metalic silver and traces of her figure still visable, it's a wonder she retired at all. Most hero's around here are like that, old as dirt but in better shape then most people a third there ages. Vivian was telling about her time with a Fem Fatal Force, a group of all female hero's, when something horrible happened. Like most villians she showed up at the worst time. She brust through the front wall, about as subtle as a bomb. She wore a green and red skintight bodysuit composed of scales and a mask shaped like a snake's head, on where wrists she wore two mini-crossbows and she hand a long snake's tail.

"I am the Vipress!" She announced, and I relized her mask was no mask but her face!

"What do you want?" Vivian asked.

"Revenge!" Vipress hissed. "You will pay SSSSilver Vixen!"

"For what!?" Vivian asked.

"For defeateing my grandfather'ssss plans to rule the world!" Vipress snaped.

"Your Korba King's grandaughter?" Vivian asked.

"The sssame." Vipress said as she stalked forward. "My mother wasss created by gandfather, sssshe wasss to be his ultimate weapon. But ssshe wassss not sstrong enough.. but I am human fool!"

Had the vipress any sense she would have never come to Marrisville. After all it's the retired and cosmic hero captial of the world. Unfortinatly it was one of those days. A dreaded "Origin Story" type of day, and I was going to get sucked in. Vivian tried to use her foxhead pendant to transform but Vipress used her tail to grab her. I could hear the sounds of the Violet Lantern comeing from her home near by, but she would be too late to save Vivian, or so my mind told me. If you know anything about being an innocent by stander it is that if your going to be a savior do the second thing that pops into your head, not the frist or you might become a hero. Me, I did the frist thing that poped into my head, I grabed the foxhead pendant.

I can't say the feeling wasn't plesent, but it was unerveing. I grabed the pendent and shouted out the Silver Vixen power words "Vivacous Vixen" relizeing how utterly silly it sounded. My call was answered as I felt energy flowing through me. I had to shut my eyes as my body began to glow. When I opened them I had to gasp. I was now the Silver Vixen, a silver furred female foxmorph wearing a black leotard with a silver foxhead shape over the chest, a chest wich was jutting out, I had breasts! My "fox sense" as Vivian called it alerted me to nearby danger, like I couldn't see it? In a classicly hero line I shouted "Stop Right There Vipress!" and pointed at the Vipress with one finger.

"SSSSilver Vixen!" Vipress gasped, like all villians do when confronted with a hero they know.

"That's right, now let her go, your fight is with me!" I said in a definte heroic, but femine voice.

The fight was short, Vipress charged but I hit her with my "Vulpine Kick", shouting out the name of my attack like an idiot! The kick floored the villan easily, just then the Violet Lanter Arrived.

"Holy doubles." Lantern said, bein the cliche hero she was. "I am I seeing right? Vivian McGreggor and the Silver Vixen in the same place at the same time."

"It seems fate has decided it's time for a new Silver Vixen." Vivian said.

"Who might our lucky lady be?" Lantern asked.

I then detransformed and to my shock I was still very much female. But my body was amazeing, trim fit and curvacous. This turned out to be my frist supprise. In a daze I wandered home, and passed two heros on my way there. Master Morphus was one, he can change the shape of any inanimate object, the second Mistress Fate, who has a knack for changeing reality. When I got home everything had been changed, apprently to suit my new self. Another supprise was the large package that had mysteriously arrived. I opened the package and fround a note. The note read.

Congradulations Silver Vixen,

We at Bob's Superhero Warehouse have taken it apon out selves to assit you in your new role as a female super hero. In this box is a updated costume for you and instructions on how to use your new powers. If you have need of anything else feel free to visit us on the world wide web.

The instructions where basicly what I already new, the pendant turned me into a humanoid fox and gave me enhanced strenght, hearing, smell, and sight. But a new instruction was a new transformation command. Now instead of souting "Vicaous Vixen" I needed only say "Vixen Power". It still sounded silly to me, but it was and improvement. I tried my new command and found my self a very naked little vixen. Luckly the door was shut so no one got to see me. I rifled through the package and found my new costume. To say it was form fitting is an understatement. A black spandex leotard, black elbow lenght gloves and knee high toeless boots. But this was only my frist layer, over that I was to wear a silver breast plate with a black fox head icon on it, silver guards for my shins, thighs, upper arms and forarms and a silver untility belt. I tried it all on and found somehow the armor too was form fitting and quite confortable. I had expected it to catch on my fur and be too tight but somehow it wasn't. I think now that this is a natual function for the bodies of all hero's, that any costume no matter how tight never feels too tight. I checked my untility belt and found most of the compartments empty. But it had included a nifty "infinite rope", a lenght of rope that never ever ran out, and some knock out gas bombs. I was apprently going to have to buy more stuff, or perhaps get some things from the local hero's. Being in Marrisville I relized was a lucky break. I'd learn from the best of the best, my only problem would be choseing the proper mentor. But I soon relized Vivian was going to be my mentor, any time you take on the mantle of a hero of the past you must make them your mentor if they are still alive. I'd learned this from my years of field research. I tested my power to change to my secert identy and back and not suppriseing my armor came and went with my changes. My pendent had changed into a silver foxhead tatoo in the middle of my chest however and my hair remained silver. How the pendent had morphed I'll never know, afterall being a Hero guide reporter I know contunality isn't always so good.

The next day, which seemed to come unusualy fast, I went to see Vivian again. Her house had somehow repaired it self, but I ignored it, best not to ask. Vivian seemed so much older that the pervious day, but I blew it off. I was in luck as she had a cache of her old crime fighting gear. I was give a underwater breathing mask, a lot of "fox claws" the Silver Vixen's pattened throwing blades, and a some super antidote pills that could cure any kind of poisoning. I then entered into my training to be the Silver Vixen. Vivian showed me how to do all her moves, the "Vulpine Kick", the "Vixen Strike", the "Fox Double Jump", The "Silver Claw Spin", and the "Vulpine Flip". All required skill and agility, both of which I had gotten from my transformation. Before long I was preforming the moves as well as the orignal Vixen her self had. I found my self talking like the Silver Vixen, poseing like her, even thinking like her. This should have disturbed me, but I felt oddly energized. Vivian trained me for weeks, and I kept getting better. My company kept me on the pay role, my contract have given them the rights to my hero story. All the employees singed them, due the a number of heros that came out of super hero guild field reporting. I soon found my self being taught by other heros too. The Blue Gnat taught me his acrobatic tricks, SwordGuy taught me to fence, The Amazeing Amazoina taught me how to use my femine wiles on men, and the Brown Bat helped me fill up my utility belt with lots of useful gimicks. As a sort of reward for my self I went to Bob's Hero Wharehouse's web site and bought my self a fenceing foil and some new boots. My new boots where high heeled, with 4 inch heels, as everyone knows if your a female hero high heels help you run faster and jump higher. I even learned the "fine points of heel points" form Bobcatwoman, one of the few retired villians in Marrisville.

The day before I left to seek evil to fight I was given several specail power objects. I was tempted to use them my self, but too many powers can make you a villian. Amazoina gave me her growth gridle, wich gives a woman the power to become giant and super strong, Goper Guy gave me his neck tie of power, which like my pendent.. err tatoo changes the user into the apporprate hero, and Cosmic Dude gave me his cosmic bands of power. I guess I was expected to give these objects to other persons and form my own team of hero's. I wasn't sure where to go, Marrisville is far from most major cities and I hadn't gotten any kind of transportation, or so I thought. As I was about to leave the city limits someone drove a motercycle up to me. The bike was covered in silver armor plateing and the head light was shaped like a fox head. I reconized it instantly, it was the Silver Cycle, Silver Vixen's mode of fast transit. Rideing it was a young girl with a red pendent shaped like a fox around her neck. I swallowed, it couldn't be could it? Had I gotten a sidekick now?

"RedKit at your service." She said.

"Wait let me guess.. your the granddaughter of the orignal Silver Vixen and got powers just like her's." I said, pretty sure that was going to be her excuse.

"How'd you know?" She asked.

"I used to be a field resercher for the super hero encylopedia." I said sighing.

RedKit got off the bike and smiled. I knew she wanted us to ride out in our humanoid animal forms. So I obliged her and said "Vixen Power" as loudly as I could. My transformation was slower this time and my leotard and armor phased in. I'd gotten a transformation sequence now, and knew this would just get worse. Redkit smiled and said "Vixen Power" as well, her change happened the same as mine but the result was a bit diffrent, but not much. Her costume was identical to mine with the exceptions of her armor being bronze colored and her carring a bow and arrow set.

"Bob's super hero warehouse?" I asked.

"The same." She said grinning. "They sent me this when it was determined I was ganna be your sidekick."

"Who decides these things?" I asked no one in particular.

The next few weeks flew by. Redkit and I righted a few wrongs we found and polished our routines and catch phrases. It was fun and exciteing, but I knew we hand to find outselves a base of operations and start a new hero team. I'd gotten permission to use the name The Crusaders from the orignal Crusaders team back in Marrisville so Redkit, who's real name is Gena McGreggor, and I , havieng taken he name Vivian Vex, decided we would find a city and once we became allies with enough hero's we would start the team up. Haveing such a fantastic body I became a fasion model in the city of Mertoton. Redkit was still only in her teens so she became my ward and attened the Mertoton High School. In a few weeks the underworld of Metroton came to fear The Silver Vixen and Red Kit. I decided we would be the type to work with law enforcement, now all we needed was some other hero's....

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