MK2K Character Creation Guide

This section of the site owes its existence to Michael Bard, who pointed out to me that it would be helpful to have a set of guidelines for the sorts of characters one might reasonably encounter in MK2K. This Character Creation Guide (CCG) is designed as a "thinking tool" to help you figure out important details of your characters' lives before you begin writing them into the setting.

Few of the rules given here are set in stone -- every individual is different, and for every general principle I could state about members of a particular race or profession in MK2K, there's probably at least one person out there who is the exception to the rule. The CCG should give you a sense, though, of what is "normal" or expected in Metamor City, so you can see how far into or out of the mainstream your character idea is. It's also a good guide for creating background characters, who by definition will be more stereotypical than protagonists. Readers might be able to accept the idea of one particularly exceptional lutin being present at a university symposium on technomagic, but if half of the characters there were lutins, they'd begin to get suspicious...

There are a number of important ways of classifying characters, and any one of them could serve as a reasonable starting point. In order to make this guide as flexible as possible, I'll make each of these Sorting Categories accessible from this main page. The Character Generator will then lead you through the process of defining your character in what seems, to me, to be the most logical manner possible, much like those personality tests you sometimes find online.

Current Status: The Character Generator itself is currently on hold, while I research ways of coding it without resorting to a thousand-odd HTML pages. In the meantime, you can view the same information in each of the sorting categories, though it's not as streamlined as answering a series of simple questions.

Sorting Categories:

Power Level


Social Status




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