A. Power Level:

Power Level is a rough measure of the extent of a character's supernatural abilities. MK2K is home to a wide variety of characters of vastly differing levels of ability, which leads these characters to occupy different positions in the overall power structure of Metamor City and the world at large.

For the moment, we are considering only the power level of a character's supernatural abilities. Mundane skills and talents will, of course, make a character more powerful, and could even make a completely mundane human an even match for a celestial with fewer skills; however, the basic template of a celestial is inherently more powerful than the template of a human. A character's supernatural power level sets a certain minimum level of capability, which can then be improved upon.

For story purposes, I group characters in MK2K into six power levels:

1. Mundane
2. Something Extra
3. Gifted
4. Heroic
5. Superhuman
6. Demigod

Within each of these categories, a character's power can also be classified terms of archetype -- the origin of the character's supernatural powers. There are four main archetypes in MK2K:

a. Magical: Abilities that draw on mana for their power.

b. Psionic: Abilities that stem from the force of mind and will.

c. Divine/Cosmic: Abilities that draw on the energy associated with abstract philosophical concepts or cosmic forces, either directly or through the assistance of a deity.

d. Racial/Inherent: Abilities that are inherent supernatural talents of a particular species, such as a werewolf's shapeshifting or a dragon's fiery breath. (Such abilities may be magical, psionic, or cosmic in origin, but are distinct in the fact that the creature possesses them instinctively; they do not have to be "learned" in the same way as a human might learn to do magic or use psionic talents.)