A.3. Gifted:

These are characters with fairly strong supernatural abilities. At this point the character's unique talents will probably play a major role in the way he or she goes about everyday life. Career paths are likely to be strongly influenced by the character's abilities, and it is possible for such a character to prosper even if his or her mundane talents are less than stellar.

A mage at this level is a Journeyman, and has either completed a formal course of study in the use of his or her powers or is close to doing so. Such a character could conduct independent spell research, create potions and other simple magical items, and (once the rank of Adeptus Exemptus is reached) use magic in his or her daily life without supervision.

A psi at this level is probably part of a breeding cell (if female) or a bachelor cell (if male). His/her powers are significant enough to be occasionally useful to the cause, but most of the time such a character will depend on mundane skills to make a living.

Compatible Choices:

B. Gender: Male, Female, Androgyne

C. Social Status: Any

D. Race/Species: Cursed or Uncursed Human, Lutin, Breed, Elf, Silvaan, Vampire (Young and Weak-Blooded), Plane-touched, Outsider (minor), Other (Fae, Were-Creature, Naga, Maeril)

E. Professions: Same as Something Extra, plus: Magical or Psionic (any except Elder)