A.4. Heroic:

These are characters whose supernatural talents are great enough to grant them fully-fledged hero status. Such characters could take part directly in the struggles between Factions even if they had few or no mundane skills. Such characters are likely to be courted by one or more Factions to help advance their causes.

A mage at this level is a Master, or could easily pass the tests to become one. Such a character could take on pupils and instruct them in the ways of magic, devise new magical rituals, and craft intricate magical items.

A psi at this level is almost certainly part of a breeding cell, and probably makes money for the Collective as a direct result of using his or her psionic abilities.

Compatible Choices:

B. Gender: Male, Female, Androgyne, Variable at Will

C. Social Status: Street-Rat, Upper Middle Urban, Upper Class, Government

D. Race/Species: Cursed or Uncursed Human, Elf, Silvaan, Vampire (Mature, or Young and Strong-Blooded), Outsider, Other (Fae, Were-Creature, Naga)

E. Professions: Magical (Master Wizard, Master Alchemist, Street-Wolf, Master Enchanter, Healer, Lothanasi); Psionic (any except Elder); Government (Intelligence or Military); Criminal/Fringe (Enforcer/Bodyguard, Runner, Hunter/Assassin, Mastermind)