Factions in MK2K:

(This page is still under construction.)

There are many different kinds of people in the world of MK2K -- as many as there are in the real world, and then some. Most of these people have goals they would like to achieve in life; things they wish they had, or could do, or could be. Some of these people, however, have a far better chance of achieving their goals than the average person, whether because of supernatural powers, financial resources, or political connections. Ultimately, however, what really helps people achieve their goals is joining forces with others who share those goals, working together toward a common objective.

A faction, as I will use the term here, is a group with significant resources that is united behind a common goal. These are organizations that have the potential to tip the overall balance of power in MK2K in one direction or another, shaping the course of world events. When we, the authors, plan the major events that drive the MK2K storyline, we should consider how each of the major factions might become involved. While a particular faction might not participate in every pivotal event in the MK2K main story arc, each of them should have a prominent role to play in how events unfold.

Metamor City Police Department (MCPD)

Primary Goal: Maintain Peace and Order

As the center of operations for several of our main protagonists, including Kate, David and Morgan, the MCPD will naturally find itself caught in the middle of things as the story unfolds. Perhaps more than anyone else, the cops of the MCPD are keenly aware that things are coming apart at the seams down on The Street. While they don't have the benefit of the same "big picture" viewpoint as the Lothanasi, they also aren't as blinded by arrogance or the foolish illusion that everything is under control. The cops may not know why things are going crazy on their nightly beats, but they clearly understand that things are not as they should be.

The Lothanasi

Primary Goal: Protect the Mundane from the Supernatural

The Lightbringers know that the overall level of ambient mana in the world has hit an historic peak -- and is still rising. They know that the barriers between the mundane world and the Dreamlands are thinning -- partly because of this rise in supernatural forces, and partly because of direct meddling by unidentified parties. They know that the metaphysical gears of the Nine Hells are slipping more often lately, leading to a rise in hauntings and spirits. They know that there are probably more supernatural beings living among humans today than at any previous time in history.

The thing is, the Lothanasi aren't terribly worried about any of these things, because they firmly believe that they have the situation under control. Granted, the increase in sightings of Dreamlands beasts, ghosts and meddling daedra are cause for certain cautionary steps to be taken, but they tend to see such things as momentary blips, minor fluctuations in a plan for regulating the supernatural that has been successful for over a thousand years. Lothanasi agents are extremely well-trained, and endlessly indoctrinated to believe that they are the best of the best, intermediaries between the mundane and the fantastic that are prepared for any contingency. They hear this so often that, by the time they graduate from the academy and begin their field work, it is almost impossible for them to believe anything else.

Unfortunately for the Lothanasi, things are not under control. Their refusal to recognize the small, frequent incursions of chaos as part of an overall pattern has prevented them from seeing the malign hands that are behind that pattern. Ironically, while the Lothanasi are in a better position than anyone to see the big picture, they are least prepared to recognize that picture for what it is.

The Psi Collective

Primary Goal: Protect and Propagate the Psi Subrace

The psis could easily find themselves working with or against many of the other factions in MK2K, depending on how those factions' goals line up at the moment with the goals of the Collective. Mundane law means little to psis: they obey it when it is reasonable and convenient, and find ways around it when it hinders them from accomplishing their goals. The illicit laboratories that produce psi-enhancing drugs for the Collective are one example of their disregard for laws that conflict with their interests; their willingness to kill rogue psis who betray the community is another.

The Psi Collective generally views itself as being superior to Mundanes, but they're very matter-of-fact about it -- there's no point in flaunting your superiority, since all it does is piss off the Mundanes and make them less sympathetic to your cause. Most psis just don't give a lot of thought to Mundane laws, except insofar as they might help or hinder them in accomplishing their goals; the community has its own code that it follows, and they never seriously consider that the Mundane legal system might have some sort of moral or ethical hold on them.

The Vampire Syndicate

Primary Goal: Make Money and Ensure a Stable Blood Supply

Talia's vampire syndicate and its religious front-organization, the Church of Eternal Brotherhood, are driven above all by self-interest. (Talia would call it enlightened self-interest, but self-interest it remains.) Vampires are not inherently evil -- or at least no more so than humans -- but the Syndicate can be extremely amoral in how it operates, which can put them at odds with just about everybody else at one time or another.

The Syndicate deals in a wide variety of goods and services, both legal and illicit. Drugs, gambling and prostitution are among the more popular vices supported by arms of the Syndicate.

The Brotherhood of the Sepulcher

Primary Goal: Free Nasoj, Plunge the World into Chaos

The Brotherhood is the one utterly, irredeemably evil faction in MK2K, and it is responsible for pulling many of the strings behind the increase in chaos in the world today. While the daedra lords and vampires are ultimately driven by self-interest, the servants of Nasoj are devoted to tearing down the order and stability created by Kyia and the Empire of Metamor and plunging the world into a new dark age, where chaos reigns unchecked over the globe. They believe that this return to chaos will cause a perfect world to be born out of the ashes of the old, but all they are really doing is hastening their own demise and that of every other mortal on Earth.