A.5. Superhuman:

These characters have powers so far beyond those of mundanes that it would be almost impossible for them not to think of themselves as superior. Their supernatural talents define who they are and what they do, though they may still struggle against the relentless calling of their essential natures.

A mage at this level is a High Master, one of the most powerful wizards or sorcerers in the world. Such a character will either be famous or very careful about keeping his abilities secret.

A psi at this level may be a member of a breeding cell, a bachelor regularly providing "stud service" to many cells, or one of the Elders of the Collective. His or her abilities are considered indispensable to the cause.

Characters at this level are more likely to be bosses and influence peddlers within the Factions than direct participants in the battle for power.

Compatible Choices:

B. Gender: Male, Female, Androgyne, Variable at Will

C. Social Status: Upper Class, Government

D. Race/Species: Cursed or Uncursed Human, Elf, Silvaan, Vampire (Old, or Mature and Strong-Blooded), Outsider (major), Other (Dragon, Fae Noble)

E. Professions: Magical (Archmage, Lothanasi High Councilor), Psionic (Elder), Criminal/Fringe (Mastermind)