Isri Fallon:

Species: Succubus

Allegiance: None (but loyal to her employees and tenants)
Religion: Universalist
Social Status: 2 (average net income M100,000/yr.)

Age: 420 as of 1/21/1999
Eyes: Variable -- usually brown
Hair: Variable -- usually black, pulled up into a bun
Height: Variable -- usually about 175 cm (5'9")

Physical Notes: Can assume any physical form; see below for notes on usual appearance

Behavioral Notes: Warm and motherly; enjoys cooking and talking about cooking

Supernatural Abilities: Shapeshifting (any humanoid form, at will); succubus spell-like abilities, including compulsion, charm, and darkness spells

Kate Kitaen's landlady, Ms. Fallon (as she is known to her tenants) is one of the many succubae who have opted out of the endless Dreamland War between the fiends and celestials, choosing to set up shop on Earth and live a quiet life among the humans. Or as quiet as a succubus ever gets, anyway.

Ms. Fallon normally appears as a woman in her late 40s, one of those lucky few whose grace and beauty have remained extraordinarily well-preserved. Her clothes bare very little skin, and she keeps her hair done up in a matronly fashion, but her outfits are always clingy enough to leave no doubts about the perfect body underneath.

Ms. Fallon's apartment building extends from The Street up to the first level of skyways -- lower to lower-middle income housing. Kate could afford something a little better, but she's saving up for a down payment on a place of her own. Ms. Fallon and her staff keep the place clean and in good repair, and while the appointments are relatively humble they are all in good shape. The local street gangs know who owns the place -- and know well enough to stay away, unless they're coming for an "appointment" with Ms. Fallon or one of her associates -- so the place is never attacked or looted unless a rogue group wanders into the area. Such urban raiders are generally given a welcome that those few who escape will not soon forget.

Ms. Fallon's residents are mostly young human or Plane-touched men and women who are new to the City or otherwise trying to work their way up from The Street. A few retired folks and a couple of single mothers round out the mix. Ms. Fallon is, in a word, motherly with her tenants, always willing to provide a listening ear and some sage advice, not to mention a shoulder to cry on. She does not push her tenants into letting her "feed" off of them -- she does most of her hunting on The Street and in the nightclubs, using any of a wide variety of attractive forms to catch the eyes of men of all ages. Nevertheless, if one of her tenants is short on cash and unable to pay the rent for a given month, she is more than willing to work out an alternate means of payment. Often these unemployed young men (or women) can more easily spare the 24-hour period of unconsciousness after her "feeding" than they can the cash for the rent, and Ms. Fallon's "flexible payment plan" is one more reason why her apartment attracts the unfortunate and down-and-out.

Kate loves Ms. Fallon dearly and has adopted her as a surrogate mother-figure now that she has moved away from home. Kate had some rough experiences with her first few landlords when she came to the City, and she found her way to Ms. Fallon's place after about three months of hell. That was five years ago, and Kate has never once regretted her decision. She was a little wigged out when she found out that the landlady was a succubus, but by that time she had been staying at the apartment for a little over a year and the two had become very close. She decided that, fiend or not, Ms. Fallon was one of the good guys, and she was worthy of the trust that Kate had placed in her. Ms. Fallon has proven faithful to that trust ever since.

Ms. Fallon only needs to feed on other people about once a week, though if the opportunity presents itself more often she'll gladly take it; she goes out hunting about every other night.. Despite the fact that she doesn't need it to live, Ms. Fallon is also a big fan of human foods. She enjoys cooking and baking, and often prepares food for her tenants and staff members. Her staff is a group of six maids (four succubae and two tieflings) and four groundskeepers/repairmen (two tieflings, a lutin and an incubus). All of them are generally hard-working, polite and well-behaved, though the incubus and succubae will never miss an opportunity to offer their "services" to one of the tenants or anyone else that enters the apartment complex. Ms. Fallon has a strict policy, though, that her employees are not to feed on delivery personnel while they're on duty -- a failure to complete one's rounds would be hard for anyone to explain, and might make it difficult to persuade the company to make deliveries to the apartments in the future.

Ms. Fallon is 420 years old in 1999 CR, and has been living on Earth for the last 200 years or so; before that she was in the Dreamlands. She has 387 children, all of them out on their own now, and thousands of grandchildren -- she lost count a long, long time ago. She has raised many of her children on Earth, with them living as mortal children until they reached puberty, so she knows more than a little about parenting (not to mention single parenting). These days she uses magical birth control to suppress her natural succubus fertility -- she has had enough of motherhood for now, and plans to take a good, long break from it.