Agent Janus Starson:

Species: Plane-touched (asimaar)

Allegiance: Lothanasi
Religion: Universalist
Social Status: 6 (salary M135,000/yr.)

Age: 37 as of 7/01/1999
Eyes: Blue (glow blue-white when emotional or using his powers)
Hair: Blond-white (short, professional cut)
Height: 193 cm (6'4")

Physical Notes: Trim and fit, with well-defined muscles; tall face with hard, chiseled features; pale skin

Behavioral Notes: Blunt, straightforward, and often caustic; deeply serious

Supernatural Abilities: Lothanasi powers (equivalent to master mage); asimaar spell-like abilities (minor healing abilities, independent of Lothanasi Light-Healing)

Janus, as he is known to friends and enemies alike, is the most prominent field agent for the Lothanasi in Metamor City. His job is to step in and tell the local law enforcement agencies when a case has crossed over into Lothanasi jurisdiction and should therefore be left to the "experts". Needless to say, this isn't very popular with many cops, who feel like Janus sticks his head in anywhere he can possibly justify it. (On the Street, he is sometimes referred to mockingly as "Anus Whoreson", but so far no one has lived to report saying this to his face.)

Janus is an asimaar, a person of mixed human and celestial descent. He is tall and fit, with blond-white hair cut in a short, professional style, a tall face with hard, chiseled features, and piercing blue eyes that glow blue-white when he becomes emotional (a telltale of his asimaar nature). He dresses in a black suit and tie, and wears gold cuff-links with a starburst pattern on them (a symbol of his lineage as a descendant of Merai Starchild). A gold tie-tack in the shape of the twin cross is the only overt sign of his affiliation with the Order, although he also carries several holy weapons in concealed holsters any time he goes out in public.

Janus is, in many ways, a modern-day Raven hin'Elric: a blunt, straightforward and often caustic man who still manages to keep an air of mystery about himself. When dealing with cops, he prefers to be soft-spoken but direct, telling them in plain speech that they have stepped into a Lightbringer affair and that they should let the matter go. If the police officer refuses to listen to this approach, Janus may use harsher methods. His powers as a cleric are formidable, and woe betide the man who angers him.