King Philip of Whales:

Full Name: Philip, son of Tenomides, of the House of Greek
Species: Theriomorph (rabbit, trapped in nearly fullmorph form)

Allegiance: Kingdom of Whales
Religion: Agnostic
Social Status: 6/0 (government figurehead, but feral; draws no salary)

Age: Approximately 1350 as of 1999
Eyes: Blue
Fur: White
Length: ~96.5 cm (3'2"), nose to tail

Physical Notes: Resembles a very large white rabbit; very few humanoid features, though his vocal tract is physically capable of speech.

Behavioral Notes: Most of the time, acts like an ordinary bunny; when he speaks, he is usually vague and airy, like a person who has been sedated.

Supernatural Abilities: Immortal; intermittent prophetic insights (though whether this is truly supernatural or just a mark of his brilliant mind and vast body of knowledge is still unknown).

The Curse of Metamor had a very strange effect on Prince Phil, and to all appearances he has not aged a day since 699 CR. Sadly, as Phil grew older his lapine instincts grew stronger, and he regressed further and further until now, under most circumstances, he is completely indistinguishable from any other white rabbit.

Fortunately Phil saw his fate approaching many years in advance, and when he assumed the kingship after Tenomides's death in 717 CR he quickly began moving the country toward democratic rule. By the time King Philip was unable to carry out the duties of public office -- roughly around 800 CR -- the island of Whales had long since become a healthy, self-sustaining parliamentary democracy, and the king was little more than a figurehead.

Phil did sire a family before the Curse claimed his mind, and care of His Highness has been passed down from generation to generation through the royal line. Today Phil lives at Kyia's Citadel with his distant descendant Princess Alexandra IV, the Whalish ambassador to the Empire of Metamor.

Interestingly, Phil's lapine regression occasionally reverses itself. Every once in a while, Phil's conscious mind partially resurfaces, and he gives some advice or makes some comment on the situation at hand. These comments are often cryptic, like the sayings of a mystic, but they are almost always eerily insightful and appropriate. When Phil does speak, his words are given careful consideration.