Majestrix Kyia:

Full Name: Unknown; past names/titles used include Kyia, the Lady of the Keep, and M'tammur
Species: Nexus spirit

Allegiance: Empire of Metamor; mortals in general
Religion: Theist; does not speak of details, since she probably knows the Creator personally
Social Status: 6 (draws no salary; draws on Imperial expense accounts as needed)

Age: Unknown, but well over 10,000 years
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Silver-white
Height: 175 cm (5'9")

Physical Notes: Appears as a human woman in her late thirties, with a slender build, fair skin, and short, stylish hair. Usually wears white or grey business suits, often pinstriped, with flats or short heels. Has no need for actual makeup, but usually presents herself as if she had a modest amount of blush, eye shadow and lip gloss; to the untrained eye, she simply looks naturally radiant (which, of course, she is).

Behavioral Notes: Almost never gets angry or wildly exuberant -- her emotions are steady, joyful, and compassionate. Her eyes clearly indicate that she is both powerful and far older than she seems. She loves all innocents, especially children and pets. When she does get angry, it is a steady, iron resolve of righteous indignation -- always under control, but focused into a frightening, disciplined intensity.


Kyia is as old as the Nexus of Metamor, which may be another way of saying that she is as old as the world itself. Created, so she says, by the All-Father himself, Kyia is the animating spirit of what was once called Metamor Keep, and is now called the Citadel. She has no native human form, but she can manifest herself in the form of an avatar that can see, hear, touch, and otherwise interact in the same manner as humans, though with few of their limitations. It is in this human form that she is best known to the world of MK2K.

In the early days of the Curse, Kyia appeared to mortals (when she did so at all) as a teenage girl, with silver hair and eyes the same gray as the stones of Metamor Keep. When she accepted the role of regent over the Empire of Metamor, however, Kyia decided that a more mature image was required. She assumed the form of an adult human woman -- not precisely young but not truly middle-aged, attractive but not a deliberate object of sexual desire, feminine yet projecting an unquestionable air of strength and authority. Nobles and foreign dignitaries quickly warmed to this new visage, which was much more comforting than interacting with an apparent teenager, and Kyia has kept it throughout the centuries since, altering clothes to suit the current fashions and making periodic updates to her hairstyle and jewelry.

In the present day Kyia embodies the epitome of the professional business-woman. She does not wear dresses to diplomatic functions, choosing instead to wear stylishly-tailored slacks and suit-coats that place her squarely on an equal level with her male visitors. Jewelry is conservative, usually limited to a pair of earrings, a watch, and perhaps a thin necklace. Her hair is cut in a sleek, modern style, with one side substantially longer than the other and swept sideways over the top of her head, the part roughly an inch above her ear on one side.

Kyia is intensely devoted to the well-being of her subjects, and as a ruler she is wise, just and fair (though by no means incapable of mistakes). She also loves her people enough that she refuses to solve all of their problems for them, and she trusts the police and other Imperial agencies to do the jobs they have been trained to do without counting on intervention from her or one of her avatars. Even a being of Kyia's tremendous power cannot keep track of everything, and it would even be harmful if she tried. See the articles on avatars and crime and punishment for more on Kyia's philosophy of governance.

Kyia has good foreign relations with Artela, Wvelkim, and the prime minister of Whales, and passable relations with most other world leaders. She has been known to come into sharp disagreement with the leaders of Rukilia and some parts of the Southlands, particularly where matters of mortal rights and personal freedom are concerned. Relations with Ainador and Yamato are somewhat stiff and formal, but they rarely have any severe conflicts with Imperial foreign policy (though both nations have frequently criticized Kyia's libertarian attitudes toward sex, drugs and gambling within the Empire's own borders). Interactions with nations on the eastern continents have not yet been established within the story universe, and would be a fruitful area for other writers to contribute to.