The southeastern peninsula of the main Western continent is home to Rukilia, a populous state that is largely inhabited and governed by followers of Rukil, the so-called Lord of Stone. Rukil is Artela's son, by Dokorath, and a prince of Heaven; he first discovered the Nagas in this region around -3000 CR, when they were a primitive band of a few hundred refugees from the Dreamlands who had become stranded on Earth. The demigod adopted them as his own, teaching them magic and writing and other forms of learning, and setting himself up at the center of their newly-minted religious system. As humans began to migrate into the region and settle there, the Nagas came to form three distinct ruling castes in the nation -- priests, warriors, and merchants -- while humans became the worker caste. Even today the nagas are looked upon by most of the human inhabitants as divinely favored.

Modern Rukilia is a representative, parliamentary democracy; Rukil remains the Head of State, but for the most part he is content to live in luxury and allow his people to govern their own affairs, stepping into politics only when he fears that the nation is headed in a particularly unhealthy direction. Nagas continue to dominate government and politics, by virtue of their exalted status; humans have a voice, but as a rule that voice speaks timidly and is quick to acquiesce to the decisions of the serpent-folk.

Rukilia has few dealings with Metamor, generally preferring to keep to itself, but there is a certain measure of communication and trade between the two countries. As a fairly large state, Rukilia does exercise a certain measure of influence over its immediate neighbors; this is sometimes welcomed by the surrounding states, who see Rukilia as a potential protector, but others are made nervous by living in the shadow of such a populous nation. Rukilia engages in extensive trade with Ainador, but the two lands also butt heads frequently over a variety of minor political disputes. The dramatic difference in religious and cultural makeup between the two nations is probably the root of this conflict.