The Sound of Frink

A Time Waste Production of
Rodger's and Frinkenstein's
The Sound of Frink

Julie Andrews as Joanne
Christopher Plummer as Captain von Voop


The list is alive, with the sound of Frink
With stories they have retold over a thousand times
My inbox is filled with the sound of Frink
My fingers want to delete every reply that appears.


How do you solve a problem like Joanne?
What do you do when the tech talk gets you down?
How do you find a word that means Joanne?
A technophile, a web-fanatic, a clown?

Many a time you know you'd like to beat her,
Many a time she's all that you can stand
But how do you make her stay,
And listen to what other's say?
How do you fulfill her HTML demands?

Oh how do you solve a problem like Joanne?
How to compile Linux in one command?


I have confidence in Linux!
I have confidence in Perl!
I have confidence in confidence alone!
And as you can see I have confidence in me....
Oh who am I kidding.


You are sixteen going on thirteen,
Baby its time to regress.
Better to be were, canary or hare
Baby you're on the Frink!


Old tatty bathrobes that wrap round old wizards
Flu from a planet will give you a gizzard.
Bad intro stories that don't mean a thing.
These are a few of the list's TF things.

Predictable Posti's and many plot hurdles,
Slow morphs and flash morphs and Ramen with noodles.
Armed geese that fly with the Feech on their wings
These are a few of the list's TF things!

When the wuff yiffs,
When the rat gibs,
When you're pressing tab!
I simply remember to kill IRC,
and then things don't seem so bad!


JeanDoe, a deer, a female deer.
TeeF Ray, a ton of mindless plots
\me, a command I use myself
Fawk, a line we could not do
Soul, what Derksen does not have.
Bla, a story that's so-so
TeeF, use another and your dead!
And that will bring us back to JeanDoe!

by Wanderer.

Still in his room, sat the lonely author (Yodel)
Filled up with stories that he could not proffer

Off somewhere else sat a lonely reader, (Yodel)
waiting for stories to reach receiver. (Yodel)

Off in the alps sat the old list master, (Yodel)
wishing that stories would come in faster. (Yodel)

Soon author wrote, let the reader read it, (Yodel)
Which the list master knew was just what was needed.

Plot device. Plot device.
Every story you tease me.
Far and near, full of fear.
You continue to beat me.

Blossom of foe may you doom us all
Doom us all forever.
Plot device. Plot device.
Plague my stories forever!

THE END (Doesn't it just make you want to SING?)

The list of those who shall be blamed

Charles "MattRat" Matthias - Typist and performer of the one man Frink at Phil's.
Jason Lehrer - Tonedeaf wuffie who provided singing accompaniment for most of this.
Chris "Deraned Kitsune" Hoekstra - The not quite as atrocious a singing canine whose laptop housed this aberration for far too long to escape unscathed (But it runs windows and therefore can take a little more evil)
Sue - Blame Sue, she made the costumes
Crystal - Who looked so cute when she fetched us the video tape, and then was forced to turn the full extent of her telepathic powers on us to create this

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